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Jeff Lopes: Tips To Become A Successful Father Entrepreneur

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There is no age limit on building a business. Numerous people have created successful companies at the age of 50 and plus. Due to technology and its understanding, millions of people are making money from home at a young age. Starting a business from a parent’s garage saves rent and additional cost that allows an entrepreneur to invest their capital towards the company growth. Entrepreneurship is often difficult when an entrepreneur becomes a parent. Entrepreneurship is directly connected to finance and it’s easier to have the risk of losing while being single because it only affects one person. But when an entrepreneur becomes a parent the responsibilities draw a financial line which can risk the family and children’s future. 

Enter Business coach and author of Entrepreneur Dad; Jeff Lopes who teaches father entrepreneurs how to balance entrepreneurship and parenthood. Lopes is the founder of one of the most influential entrepreneurship podcasts, inspiring a global audience called Jeff Knows Inc.  He is also active as a coach with the program which is called Mans Purpose. On his website about brotherhood for entrepreneurial dads he helps people to balance their family and business life by offering support on a call. He is guiding dads who run a business to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, connected with their family and understand what priorities matter. His purpose with the program is to give other fathers and husbands the possibility to achieve what he did with harmony, happiness and power of his family while running a business.

As an entrepreneur, we treat the business as our children and invest in growth. The business is our passion and it requires most of our attention. But when an entrepreneur becomes a parent they find themselves confused with time management. Entrepreneurship is a very demanding job, so being a parent. As a human, we recognize our children as the best creation. And a Father entrepreneur starts to look at the business in a way to buy more time to spend with the family.

According to Jeff Lopes, one of the influential tips for a father entrepreneur is to have a to do list.

When you know the tasks that need to be finished, it will become a strong foundation for work-life balance. As a father, it is important to be around children and help them whenever needed. Our experience will shape their future and help them to understand things from different perspectives. Here’re some of the crucial things that father entrepreneur should get used to:

  • Aware your children needs: As a parent, roughly 80% of the face time we have with our children is before the age of 18, think about that.  I have what I call the “Yes Rule”  When your child asks you to do something with them, no matter how tired or busy I am I always stop and say Yes! Those little moments are what shifts their understanding of love.
  • Importance of Scheduling: Having a set timetable and focusing on building your schedule around family time, is a massive step in the right direction.  I would plan your month out and place sporting events, dance recitals, date nights etc as the firsts things on your schedule, then start building business around those times. 
  • Create healthy habits: Parents need to lead by example, healthy lifestyle is a priority and when you can balance fitness with family time, you have a winning combination.  Focus on getting your entire body involved in a healthier lifestyle, go for family bike rides, hikes and do fun workouts and involve everyone.
  • Have confidence: As a father entrepreneur, there might be days where you feel like the business is not growing or you are not a great father. Entrepreneurship and parents are not easy tasks. Having the confidence that everything will be OK plays a vital role in Father-preneurship. 

Numerous entrepreneurs pressure themselves to become a good father and ignore their business. They stop taking customers’ feedback and avoid time-consuming things. As a Father-preneur, it is essential to know that kids don’t have to be entertained all the time. Help guide them towards finding their own passion and encourage them to follow their passion.  Let’s be real at a young age, their passion will change pretty rapidly, but that is ok.

As a business owner, you need to be in contact with your staff, get the report of the process, or support your team to keep growing. Many of the businesses can be run virtually nowadays, you need to have an office area and can hire freelancers from any part of the world for the particular work. One of the easy ways to start having the freedom of running a business being location independent is by getting your business online. You can even automate the sales and payment processes. Doing this you can be working from any part of the world, remember wealth is not measured by how much money we have, wealth is measured by financial freedom.

For a Father and Entrepreneur patience plays an important role. As time goes balancing the experience of parenthood and entrepreneurship, things start to seem more comfortable. Keep learning new strategies to grow your business and give good values to your children. A growth mindset will help you to understand and connect with children’s ideology and also to accept new methods for executing business.  If you are a father and business owner, don’t worry; it’s going to be one of the best experiences of your life.  

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