Immediate plan of action post a car accident

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If you use to drive a car should it is very important for you to be aware of all the essential steps that need to be performed at the time of the accident. It is mostly seen that when a person encounters with a car accident he used to search for a car accident attorney for handling his case. But getting the right lawyer at that moment can be very difficult. Instead, if you yourself know the steps to be performed at that moment it will solve your problem to a great extent. It is true that your injury may be severe or his emotions may be high at that moment but sooner or later you have to perform those essential steps and so it is always better to know what to do and what not during that moment. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with all the essential steps that a person needs to perform soon after he encounters an accident. The following are those essential steps which you must take into consideration during that moment of the accident:

  • Stay at the spot: The biggest mistake that a person does at the time of the accident of his or her car is his attempt to leave the accident scene. If you try to leave the scene especially when someone is severely injured or killed you may encounter with serious criminal penalties. So, it is always better to stay at the spot until and unless the problem is solved.

  • Check all the passenger: Before doing anything else first ensure that everyone involved in the accident is fine. If anyone needs any kind of medical attention to try to provide medical assistance as soon as possible. If you observe that any person is unconscious or have a severe neck or back injury you should not attempt to move them unless the qualified medical team arrives.

  • Call your layer and take his advice: You should call your lawyer and must take his advice before the police arrive on the spot. His advice can be very vital to deal with the case. That is the reason why you must always have your personal car accident lawyer who can certainly save you from encountering any kind of huge legal penalties.

  • Call the police: Once you take the advice of your lawyer you should call the nearby police especially when there will be any kind of significant property damage or any serious physical injury or death. It is necessary to file a police report during that time and when the cops will arrive at the scene you must get his name and badge number of your responding officer.

  • Talk to the witness: It is very important to talk to the witness during that moment. You must try to know what the witness has seen and what not. You must also try to get their names, number, and address and also ask the local people if they have seen any other accident in the same spot.

  • Inform your insurance company: You must immediately tell your insurance company that you have encountered with an accident. Tell them what had happened and how severe the injury is. You must explain the fact clearly and make sure that the insurance company does not find any wrong statement because in such case they may cause serious trouble in clearing the applicable compensation for the damage occurred at the accident. You must also obtain the police file report which has clearly pointed out who had broken the traffic law or who was at fault.
  • Take the photographs: You must take pictures of any kind of damage to your car soon after the accident. These photographs will help the insurance company to find out how much you should be compensated for the damage of your car in the accident. Apart from that, it can also help you in the court as the picture can clearly show the true extent of the damage that occurred in the accident.

  • Exchange information: Soon after the accident, you must try to collect all the essential information such as name, address, license number of the driver, license plate number as well as basic insurance information from the drivers and passengers involved in the accident. But remember to talk to the drivers and passengers in a cordial manner and try to be cooperative as far as possible.

Keep track of medical treatment: You must note down the details of the doctors or any medical professional from whom you have received the treatment. You must take the copies of all medical reports and bills since it can help you in proving the medical expense in the later stage. Apart from that, you must also keep a record of how the accident has affected your daily life and family life.

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