I Need to Sell My House Fast, What Are My Options?

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Selling a house can be… nerve-wracking at least. In fact, some studies have shown that selling a property can cause immense stress levels. Some say that it can be more stressful than declaring bankruptcy, going through a divorce or dealing with the death of someone close to us. Of course, the stress levels vary from person to person, but you get the main idea – selling a house is no walk in the park.

Now, add to an average home sale, the speed. That’s right, add the stress of having to sell the home fast. The reason? Perhaps you found a new job and have to move across the country or in a different country, or you have financial hardships, or an unexpected life event. The reasons are endless and there are many issues related to having to sell a home in a few days. The pressure is on – you have to find the right buyer, sign the papers, get everything done and pack your belongings. All within a few weeks at the max!

Let’s take a look at this short guide that will explain the quickest way to sell a house. You’ll learn the best strategies, who can help you, how to handle the details and what to expect. Also, you’ll learn what problems to avoid in order to get a good sale and how to sell my house quickly. Let’s start:

Find a good agent

When selling a home, having the right agent is the difference between failure and success. If you want to sell it fast, you can’t just go with any agent. You’ll need the best ones around; the ones who have the right experience and know how to help you find the quickest way to sell a house. Keep in mind that selling a house is tough, selling it quickly is even tougher and selling it for a good price is the toughest.

Make sure to list your home with a good realtor, as they have the connections and expertise on how a house can sell quickly, and at a good price. They have the local market experience and always have a list of potential buyers, perfectly suited for your needs. Agents will help in other ways, as well: they will help you assess the property, assess current demands for houses, and set you a good price. What’s more, you will get a good price for your home, good negotiation tactics and will start to leverage their professional network to bring in better clients more quickly.

Make quick repairs or renovations to your home to make it more attractive

The first impressions – these are the things that matter the most when trying to sell a house in just a few days. It’s what people notice immediately when looking at your house and the snap decision they make matters the most. It all comes down to how your house looks. Yes, looks matter when trying to sell a house quickly! Luckily, there are a few things you can do to your house to give it the upper edge on the highly competitive real estate market:

  • repaint the interior of your home – this can be done quickly, just a fresh coat of paint can do wonders
  • replace or clean your carpets – hire a professional company that can clean the carpets in just a day
  • do some landscaping work – if your house has a garden or a lawn, try to freshen it up
  • replace old or damaged appliances – these are small details but can have a huge impact on potential buyers
  • do small repair work – either on the electrical components, plumbing, windows and other details, like damaged, cracked furniture, broken floorboards, and cracked baseboards.

Clean the interior and declutter

When potential buyers visit a home, they want to picture themselves living there. In order to do that, you’ll have to clean the interior. Make sure to get rid of any food on the counters, the mountains of clothes spilling out of drawers and cabinets. Try to remove about 75% of items that are lingering around – or hide them. The house needs to look as welcoming as possible. If unsure how to this, hire a home stager that can help you prepare the home for a visiting buyer. These professionals know how to assist you and help you make your home more welcoming if you want the quickest way to sell a house. A recent study has shown that 95% of staged houses sell within 11 days.

Set a competitive price for your home

This aspect is incredibly important when trying to sell your home within a few days. You’ll need to make sure the price is right, not too high and not too low. However, if you do want to attract offers immediately, you may want to set the price a little lower than the market value.

Sell my house quickly? – Talk to your real estate agent if you’re not sure, but a general rule of thumb is setting a price about 5% lower than the current market value. Keep in mind that when it comes to pricing, your secret weapon should be your real estate agent – he or she is the specialist and will help you determine what the right price is. They will know what prices attract potential buyers and how to adapt it in order to get a quick sale.

Be flexible and open

If you want to sell a house quickly, you will have to be open to offers, visits and any other requests coming from potential buyers. You don’t want people walking away from your property – you want good offers from buyers. You’ll have to be flexible and open to new ideas and inconvenient events. For instance, if you live in your home, you will have to be open to visits almost daily and at various times of the day. Keep your house clean, decluttered and welcoming at any time. The right buyer can be just right around the corner and you’ll have to be prepared! These are the secrets to selling my house quickly!

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