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How to Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest?

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The idea of making money with a blog from home is astounding. The additional income can support the family or can be used for the education of children. Earning extra income is never a bad plan.

Starting a blog from home is easy and the process takes less than 15 min but generating traffic to maximize the ads revenue or bring sale is considerably difficult.

Facebook and Instagram are a great place to share pictures and thoughts but not to increase blog traffic as a beginner. This platform requires tons of followers to generate a decent number of visitors.

The disadvantage of this popular social media platform is that posts disappear on the timeline within a day and it’s scamming to post the same content frequently.

Generating traffic is essential if an individual who wants to make money blogging from home. Ranking the new blog on Google is pretty hard!

At this point, I believe you had all the experience I mentioned earlier. If you are looking for generating your first 100 to 300 daily visitors on your site, here’re my strategies. 

Love Pinterest

For new bloggers, Pinterest is the best platform to start generating the first 1000 to 10,000 page views per month. The process is easy!

  • Write a post that will help your audience ( at least 600 -800 words).
  • Create a graphic with clear text ( 600*1200 size)
  • Pin on Pinterest with rich description
  • Repost the pin from Pinterest to Tailwind tribes

How to make viral pin

This is an example of how powerful Pinterest is to maximize traffic. This single pin on Pinterest received over 5,000 clicks. That means it brought up to  7,000- 8,000 pageviews.

More pageview equals huge Ads revenue. 

One of the reasons this post is successful because it teaches people various side businesses anyone can start without any investment. There is something to take away.

While writing any post please consider the value for the readers.

Create more content and pin in on Pinterest. You can drive a tremendous amount of traffic from Pinterest. And the cool thing is you can pin the same content again with different images.

Make money on Pinterest

This is one of the recent posts I pinned on Pinterest ( received 134 link clicks) that guides the reader to make $150 on Pinterest. There is complete information about how I make money so they can replicate the process. This helps them to earn extra cash and adding an affiliate link on the post serves to earn passive income.

make money without working

I hope you understand now I crucial it is to write content that profits the audience. One of the secrets to grow your traffic and income is by helping others to solve their problem with information.

Create internal link

This was another secret I learned long ago but never applied. I wanted to give a shot if this works for anyone or not. I added 5 of my tops articles as :

This might be interesting to you!


Just adding internal links this way doubled my traffic monthly pageviews.

May/2020 – 4,757 Pageviews

June 1 to 11 – 2,800 Pageviews ( so, around 8,400  pageview at the end of  this month)


How to increase blog traffic
1 May – 31 May


How to increase blog traffic
1 June – 11 June


Share on Tailwind Tribe

Tailwind is an amazing boost every Pinterest blogger should use. You might have realized that when someone repins your content on Pinterest it maximizes the result. 

Just have a look at the first screenshot I share, it has more than 700 repin that resulted in 5,000 clicks to my website. The second has 61 saves which resulted in 134 link clicks. This proves that repin from other Pinterest users is essential to maximize the blog pageviews.

Tailwind has made this process easy with its Tribe. You can share your pin to the niche-based Tribe and other fellow users will share the content. 

Even if you receive just 1 link click with your pin on Pinterest, sharing it to the Tailwind tribe can completely change the game and bring 1,000 clicks.

Using Tailwind is very easy and you need to use this app if you want to increase your blog traffic. More than 500,000 blogger use Tailwind!.
Visit the site and repin 5 to 10 of your post today to see the result, it’s completely free: Tailwind app



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