How to create a viral pin

How to create a viral pin on Pinterest?

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Let’s dive directly into ways to make your pin go viral so that you can earn extra money this month and grow your blog.

Please understand the fact that creating awesome graphic pin doesn’t matter if your content is useless for the readers.

1.Create a useful content for the reader.

You have read some blog that get lots of traffic and you might have noticed that they are providing meaningful content for free. You are reading this post cause you want to know how to create a viral pin on Pinterest not what I do in my free time. So, the first step for you is to write a post that will help the first 10 reader so you can get at least 3-5 pin on their board. Or the reader thinks that their audience will get benefit from your blog post.

I wrote 10 Side Business You Can Start With No Money and it received more than 5,000 click on the post.
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You can also write an article on the same topic and get viral.

Some other blog post idea for you:

  • 10 Damn Easy late Night Jobs Anyone Can Do.
  • 10 Work At Home Companies That Pay On A weekly Basis ( $1000/ per week)
  • 10 Quick Ways To Make Money Today
  • 10 Part Time Weekends Job That Pays Big Bucks
  • 10 Websites Paying Upto $100 For Doing Nothing
  • 10 Online Side Jobs For Shy People That Make More Than $100,000/ year
  • 10 Ways To Make Extra $100 Everyday
  • 10 Super Easy Side Hustles For Students To Make $100 Daily
  • How To Make Money By Pinning On Pinterest
  • 10 Passive Income Ideas That Makes $5000 Every Week

2. Create a clean graphic

I use Canva to create graphic. Please keep in mind that you need to create pins that are easy to read and eye catching. Please make big letters for the words that you wants to focus like I have done on the pin attached before.

3. Publish your pin on Group Broad

If you are new to Pinterest and have less than 1000 followers. You should participate on Group Board. It can take time to join big board with lots of followers.

Here’s an easy way to join Group Broad.

  • Login to Pinterest app on you phone not on Desktop
  • Search the popular blogger on your niche.
  • You will see group board the blogger has been part of and hit the join button.
  • Join as many group available.This is the easiest way to join group board without any email or message.

4. Pin with Keywords

Please keep in mind that Pinterest is search engine. When you pin any content don’t forget to do SEO. Make your description full with relevant keywords.

5. Sibling Pin

When you see your pin is getting saved on other boards and getting traffic. Make similar pin with slight color difference or font. This will help maximize the traffic on you blog. Here’s an example.

First viral Pin:

How to make viral pin

Sibling Post

How to make viral pin

Creating Viral Pin is easy. Creating informative content and share on group boards with lots of followers.

  • Keep pinning different blog post everyday
  • Don’t scam Pinterest algorithm.
  • Pin content from other blogger more than yours (Like 20 your/ 80 others)
  • Keep applying for group boards

If you need help with creating viral content/Pin:

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