Kylie Francis, Influencing Entrepreneur

How This Entrepreneur Earns A Passive Revenue of $10K A Month While Traveling The World | Kylie Francis

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” I’m lucky enough to say that my work chose me. While I was an elite swimmer and studying business in college, I didn’t really have much extra free time on my hands.  I was introduced by a friend to Pinterest back in 2011, and I really only downloaded it because everyone was raving about how addicting it was and how I had to be on the site. When I started that Pinterest account, that’s when I unknowingly entered in the digital marketing world, without having any idea this would become my newest passion, obsession, expertise, and “full time job” 🙂 ” – Kylie Francis

Hello Kylie Francis, we are excited to share your story with our readers. Please tell us a little about yourself and your work.

Hi everyone! My name is Kylie Francis & I’m an energetic, high vibe, self taught social media influencer and digital entrepreneur. Since graduating magna cum laude in college  studying business and apparel merchandising, while also earning Olympic Trials cuts as a NCAA Division 1  competitive swimmer, I’ve been making a living for the last 7 years online passively through self taught & game winning organic marketing strategies on the most popular social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. From growing my influence online, I’ve lended my expert strategies to entrepreneurs, bloggers, brands, and businesses as a social media visibility, branding, & marketing consultant. My expertise lies in growing businesses online through unique organic marketing strategies that I’ve learned, tested, and proven successful through amassing my following to 114,000 across all platforms while also generating consistent 5 figure passive income months. Organic marketing means that I’ve never used a paid ad or a bot to grow my following. My passion lies in teaching entrepreneurs how they can easily grow their business strategically through social media by utilizing my trademarked keys to success online: Vulnerability, Visibility, and Value™.

How did you decide to step in the digital marketing world?

Kylie Francis : I curated my Pinterest feed around my passions and my niche, regardless of what the norm was at the time on that platform, and regardless of if I could even make money off of my efforts (because I didn’t even know that this was a possibility!). Through my unique organic marketing strategies, I found a way to cultivate a following on Pinterest. When I got to around 15,000 followers, I stumbled across a link that didn’t look like the rest. My curious mind led me to Google this link, which led me to the conclusion that this link was tied to affiliate marketing. After hours of reading all the blogs, I was fascinated with the concept of the possibility of making money per click and per purchase without owning any of my own products. I still remember to this day the first time I implemented affiliate marketing in my Pinterest strategy, went to sleep, woke up and made 50 cents!! (and take note: this was without changing anything I was already currently already doing on Pinterest!) Making money while I was sleeping, that was something I could get behind. I quickly learned the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and leveraging the power of creating streams of passive income, growing from 50 cents to 5 figures a month while I was sleeping. I also learned how to leverage contracts to be an influencer on the platform, and now utilize Pinterest to grow my email list, grow my blog views, grow another website that is my Tumblr to 10,000 followers, book out my services, and sell my digital products. Due to demand of wondering how I do this, I’ve recently released my first digital course on Pinterest Marketing for Business on how anyone can easily implement my strategies to be well on their way to cultivating the same results I’ve had for the last 7 years. Here’s the course link for more information:
Kylie Francis, Influencing Entrepreneur

What were the things that helped you to reach the position where you can make money while you are sleeping?

Kylie Francis : Pinterest, time, and dedication. Simple as that. Pinterest is a search engine with social media capabilities, and is far more than a social media website. Posts on Pinterest (known as “pins”) go viral 2+ WEEKS AFTER posting on the platform, because it’s a search engine, just like Google. Pins can also last on the main news feed YEARS after we post our links, which is the complete opposite to Instagram and Facebook.  It’s the only platform online that we spend HOURS on, yet Pinterest literally wants to kick us OFF of the platform by making every picture a clickable link! I see so many newbie entrepreneurs that run right to Instagram or a Facebook Page for their marketing “strategy” after they make their “perfect” website, logo, or product. Yet, so many are left frustrated and simply confused when Instagram and Facebook leads to a barren email list, no website views, and no purchases passively of their digital products, discovery calls, or services.  Pinterest allows for passive marketing, because its a search engine. Your ideal client is actively searching for the result they are looking for (which is your product!) rather than scrolling the feed for instant gratification or playing the follow/unfollow game. Time, consistency, SEO strategy and using Pinterest for only 30 minutes a day were my keys to reach the position where I started to make money while I was sleeping. Keep in mind, I did all of this without a fancy website or owning any products, and you don’t need a ton of followers to take advantage of a search engine and make this happen for your business.  Now that I have my own website and digital products, this process has become so much more lucrative for me, and I’m living in results that are ones out of my wildest dreams.

What courses are you offering which can guide a new entrepreneur towards success?

Kylie Francis : I offer my signature ‘Post to Profit’ digital marketing courses on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook that allow newbie entrepreneurs to easily understand and grasp social media marketing concepts to create profitable strategies for their business. I’m a social media branding and marketing strategist who is also an influencer, so I know the exact game winning strategies and process it takes for a business to become visible, make profits, and make an impact on social media. My courses are designed to help you: nail down your niche, create valuable content thats profitable and searchable, and lay down the building blocks to strategically grow an influence to stand out online, backed by my trademarked keys to success on social media: Vulnerability, Visibility, and Value™. You can find all of my ‘Post to Profit’ courses here:

How can people contact you? 

Kylie Francis : You can contact me through my website & can stay in touch with all things social media for your business & gain exclusive offers by subscribing to my email list!
I also invite you to join me on my free facebook livestreams that I host in my social media marketing for the online entrepreneur facebook group:
You can follow my entrepreneurial journey and world travels on my Instagram:
You can also find all of my social media marketing courses here:

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