How I made $225 from one single blog post?

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Let me drive directly into the way I made $225 USD from one single blog post.

First I got my domain ( and hosted my site on Bluehost.

I connect my site to WordPress, which is one of the popular and easy ways to setup a blog.

This process took me just 20 min cause I already thought of my website name ( Influencing Entrepreneur) and knew Bluehost was an easy way to host it.

When my site was all set up, I started to write ” How to start a blog” as my first post.

Because that was the thing I could write in like 5- 10 min.

I wrote all the processes I used to start my first blog and published it.

I also knew bloggers can partner with Bluehost as an affiliate.

So, I emailed them and become an affiliate.

I embed my affiliate link on the post “How to start a blog” and designed a poster for it on Canva.

I put the poster on the right side of my blog widgets permanently so, I can drive more traffic to the post from the homepage.

How to start a blog

To have more content on my site, I interviewed 10- 15 entrepreneurs.

I also pinned the post on Pinterest which helped me to maximize my blog traffic.

And after 700 clicks on the affiliate link, I made more than $200 USD.

This is it, a very simple way I used to make money.

As more traffic is coming to my site, I’m making money with display ads and Fiverr.

If you are new to blogging and looking for a way to monetize your site. This is one of the easy ways!

Hope this information helped you.

If you have any question about starting a blog, email me :

I will answer all your questions!

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