Get rid of stubborn body fat effortlessly!

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Extra fat on thighs, double chin, abdomen fat, are these some of the things that you want to get rid of? Well, you have got options. Exercise is one of which you can choose. But that seems tiresome and unfaithful, doesn’t it?

Most of the people out there have an experience of their fat just laughing while they were busy exercising. Sometimes it is very difficult to burn out the fat from certain areas of your body. Most of the people in this world have a dream of having a perfect body that they desire, and that’s healthy. But then the idea of dieting scares most of them. Why would somebody like to sacrifice their favorite food even if doing this benefits their body!

But don’t worry anymore. Coolsculpting is here to help. This is a process that literally freezes the extra fat from any body part of yours. There is no more need for worrying about putting efforts in exercising. Whether you are thinking of getting rid of stubborn fat, or having the desire to having coolsculpt buttocks, or getting comfortable in your clothes again, coolsculpting can be the answer. Coolsculpt buttocks are the most desired these days.


Coolsculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction process whose benefit has already been taken by millions of people worldwide. It is a process in which the extra body fat is frozen without any surgery. And the best part is that it has minimal downtime.
During the process, a gel pad applicator is applied to the body part which needs to be treated. The area from which the fat cells have been reduced has noticeable change and makes you feel confident about yourself. After all, you have achieved what you desired for! The fact is “your fat cells do not like the cold”. And hence, the technique of reducing them by freezing is one of the most creative and efficient ways. Our team, at New Radiance, has mastered the technology of coolsculpting and hence, assure you sleek bodies and perfect coolsculpt buttocks that you always dreamt of.

After a very few sessions, one can notice the reduced fat and start of the sleek figure. The majority of the frozen fat cells make their way out of the body, within the first months only. Since a session lasts only for an hour or so, people tend to sleep during this treatment or maybe even work. It is very convenient and you do not need to sacrifice anything for it, not even your precious time.


Coolsculpting abdomen and stomach treatment

A treatment that will take only around 35 minutes, will reduce your stomach and abdomen fat noticeably. Since there is no downtime for this, you may resume your daily activities immediately after your treatment.

Coolsculpting chin treatment

Getting rid of that stubborn double chin is now not difficult at all. Working on the jaws and the jawline too, this coolsculpting treatment works with the cool mini applicator, which has now become more effective.

Coolsculpting arms treatment:

It helps you in losing the underarm fat and get those slim and toned arms that you desire. This fat may be resistant to diet and exercise but cannot be resistant to coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting buttocks and banana roll treatment

Freeze away the buttock fat and those banana rolls to get the perfect coolsculpt buttocks.

Coolsculpting flanks and love handles treatment

Used to reduce the love handles and hard to lose flank fat. A treatment with little or no downtime and hence, you can schedule these treatments in your lunch breaks or some short breaks too.
Coolsculpting thigs treatment:
It is helpful for reducing both the inner and outer thigh fat.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a short break and get the coolsculpt treatment.

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