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Looking for free GMAT practice materials isn’t always easy. After all, there are so many falsehoods and untrue practice tests, exercises, and explanations out there you could spend hours just trying to find authentic reading comprehension questions. Thankfully, there is a handful of valuable free GMAT practice material online that doesn’t forgo precision and a sense of the real exam. If you want to perform your best, you must use materials that are the best, right? This is why we have collected three of the best free practice websites out there.

While you are enrolled in a rigorous course of study, it’s imperative to supplement your own class—whether it’s in-person or online—with practice materials. And of course, it’s even better when these materials are completely free of charge. Yes, you can obtain your core knowledge through an experienced teacher or coach, but peppering your studies with supplemental material can actually bring about some much-needed nuance and diversity in your GMAT journey.

For instance, students find it refreshing to find an explanation to a Quant problem different from that of their instructor, yet the way it’s broken down for them somehow allows them to view it in a new light. There’s more than one way to go about getting a correct answer on any of the GMAT sections, so having useful material nearby to supplement your practice is paramount for high scores and advanced learning. Let’s take a deep dive into these three free websites that offer outstanding practice; more than likely, you’ll want to get started on these offerings today!

GMAT Tutor

GMAT Tutor—found at —provides a variety of free resources and guidelines to help you in the beginning stages of your GMAT preparation. Since the GMAT is known for having a challenging math section, to say the least, GMAT Tutor provides a “Math Basics” section that facilitates a review of all fundamentals related to the Quant portion. Additionally, this site provides an Idiom List to help you with sentence correction, in addition to a Tips & Tricks section, entailing a variety of important exam day strategies and techniques.

Furthermore, GMAT Tutor offers a Frequently Asked Questions page to help address all of your top concerns, as well as a search engine to find a valuable GMAT tutor or GMAT prep class near your geographic region. While not as comprehensive as what other test prep companies like Manhattan Review can provide, this site does provide a variety of free practice and tips free-of-charge and can be helpful to any prospective student aiming to enhance their score.

Additionally, GMAT Free has a blog section that chronicles all important news from GMAC, the makers of the GMAT, including testing policies as well as general test-taker statistics. If you are looking for a one-stop resource that gives you practice in addition to logistical information, this is a site you will want to bookmark.


GMAC, the administrators of the GMAT, have a partner site called, and there you can find several free resources for your GMAT studies. There’s an old saying that goes, “If you want to know something, go right to the source.” Well, the “source” in this case is GMAC; going directly to the makers of this exam can bring about some important insight around the exam. Who else knows it frontwards and backwards but the ones who created it? offers a variety of free practice resources—that’s right, we said free! There are two free full-length computer-adaptive practice tests with an answer sheet so you can determine your score. Now it’s important to note here that the practice tests are computer-adaptive, just like the real GMAT—meaning how you answer on one particular set of questions will determine the level of difficulty of the next set. Much of the free practice out there does not include computer-adaptive practice, so keep this in mind when you approach

Furthermore, GMAC provides 90 free practice questions with the following breakdown: 30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, 15 Integrated Reasoning—all with answers and explanations. Since you are working so hard on increasing your score, you deserve such a plethora of isolated practice questions from which to choose. In addition, GMAC offers tools to create your own practice question sets, which empower you while giving you a sense of control over your studies.

Keep GMAC and in mind when you approach outside supplemental study. Not only are they a resource, they are definitely one of the primary resources for all GMAT learning!

Manhattan Review

What better academic services company out there is there to turn to for advanced knowledge and GMAT training than Manhattan Review? This firm, in particular, has a long history and a special one as being the first real pioneers behind GMAT learning, tutoring, and teaching. Located in nearly every country of the world in many major cities, Manhattan Review’s reach is far when it comes to helping students gain admittance to the business school of their dreams. Thankfully, they offer some valuable online free practice, as well.

Manhattan Review provides prospective students with 42 free practice questions in their database, all to help you enhance and improve your advanced skillset. They range from Number Properties to Geometry to Inference and Evaluate the Argument. Furthermore, their questions are labeled by level of difficulty to give you the best insight into your own capabilities.

Also included is a free online practice test that allows you to walk away with your projected GMAT score. This is invaluable at any stage of the GMAT-learning process, serving as a helpful check-in to an evaluation of continued and further study.

In the end, you have to find the materials that make the most sense for your level of study. Since all of this practice revolves around getting a much-deserved high GMAT score, take time in exploring these quality outside free resources. Practice makes perfect—and outside practice can only improve your exam day confidence and overall performance.

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