Sunandini Verma, Amrev Media Inc

Exclusive Talk with Sunandini Verma, Founder of Amrev Media Inc.

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Sunandini Verma is the founder of Amrev Media Inc. I have been following her work for quite a few months now. The way she manages her team and the company is commendable. I also got to learn some marketing tips from the different post she shared on her social media. We interview Sunandini to know more about her work and to get some of her entrepreneurial advice.

1) What were the biggest initial hurdles in starting Amrev Media and how did you overcome them?

Sunandini Verma: Resources! In the start of any business, the main challenge is how to keep your costs low while providing a quality product/service for your client. I figured out a strong resource list, understood their quality of work and convinced them to do contract work for me. The constant battle in the first year was finding resources that aligned with our requirements and standard.


2)What was the biggest business mistake you made and what did you do to learn from it?

Sunandini Verma: Working with people who are not clear! If a client or a staff member doesn’t have clarity in their processes or goals, it can make our job challenging. As a marketing company, we hope to guide our clients in the right direction- however, if they choose to pivot often, it can be challenging to achieve goals. On the development side of things- if a company constantly changes their requirements or scope of work, it can be challenging to remain within budgets and timelines. The mistake of working with people who don’t know what they want has taught us as a company to create a solid grid and be more process driven. This way both parties have clarity in milestones and deliverables without feeling pressed for time or resources.


3)We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue?

Sunandini Verma: I think focus is important, but I don’t think necessarily it is important to focus on just ONE business. In today’s world, there are different ways to increase your impact and revenue, if you are good at many things, I think it’s great to be a part of all of them. I do think it’s important to be realistic and pursue the business that has the smallest amount of learning curve. For example, if you don’t know much about what you’re selling, don’t jump right into it. Start with what you know, and slowly expand into other businesses. It’s important to give your all to whatever you do, be a 100% into it, so don’t spread your self too thin. Make a step by step plan of where to begin first, what you’re a master at, and what you want to learn about. Everything comes down to readiness and preparation, so set your self up to succeed.

4)How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

Sunandini Verma: I believe that I win when my clients win. It’s that simple, I don’t succeed, if we are not accomplishing a common goal. As a business, we have leverage because we have two lead points- someone may come to us wanting marketing for their existing business, and we can help them grow in that realm and eventually integrate technologies to enhance their processes as well. The other lead point for us is technology it’s self. Businesses often want us to create technologies and bring their vision to life. Our next step is to market the technologies for them. The cycle is different with us, it’s not just a one time project or small brand impact, it’s a whole life cycle and strategy of a business from all perspectives. That is why we revolutionize business.

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