Eight Benefits of Home Care Nursing Instead of Acute Care Setting

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If you have a family member hospitalized due to surgery, illness or injury, the biggest dilemma after their initial recovery is whether to keep under the acute care setting of a hospital or take them home. 

The fact that you are worried about their health is one thing. However, keeping up with the hectic schedule of visiting them at the hospital and making them suffer more in its depressing environment is another thing.

This is where you might want to consider home care nursing. It is a method of providing personalized care to a patient, who is still recovering from illness, in the most comfortable environment of his or her own home.

Let us see why it is better to consider a home care nursing facility for a patient, who doesn’t need direct monitoring of a physician, rather than keeping them hospitalized for too long.

Advantages of Home Care Nursing Against Hospitalization

  • Fastens the Healing Process – When a patient is in the hospital for some critical issue, his or her mental health also starts degrading slowly. This is thanks to the gloomy ambiance of the hospital.

However, at home, the patient is in familiar surroundings with family members all around. This environment fastens the recovery process of the patient. We all know that to recover from a disease, or surgery, a patient needs to have strong will power. When he or she is at home, the household setting promotes his or her mental health and helps in the recovery process.

  • Reduced Risk of Infections and Falls – A patient, who is still recovering, is weak physically and emotionally. Therefore, he or she is more vulnerable to infections. Hospitals and acute care centers are storehouses of viruses and bacteria. Thus, a recovering patient is at a higher risk of catching infections while admitted in the hospital. 

Moreover, the hospital is a new place that is unfamiliar to him or her. Further, despite huge efforts, personalized care for every patient every time is practically impossible. This increases the risk of falls for such patients. 

Home care nursing makes sure that a patient recovering at home isn’t exposed to infections and fall risk.

  • Affordable – Unless your patient needs critical monitoring and regular medical procedures, it is cheaper to keep him or her at home rather than at the hospital. In-home care today can provide basic medical care of hospital standards at a much affordable price.

The basic medical care includes dressing up of wounds, taking temperature, blood pressure and diabetes monitoring, providing physiotherapy, giving saline or injections, etc.

  • Carry on with Routine – Whenever a patient is back to his or her home after going through treatment at the hospital, the major challenge that he or she faces in carrying out the daily routine. For example, a patient who has been recently stabilized after a brain stroke would find it extremely difficult to carry on with his daily activities like bathing, grooming, cleaning, cooking and even eating.

The in-home caregivers facilitate the activities of daily living of the patients. They help them lead a respectful, happy and quality life with dignity and respect

  • Relief from Stress for the Family – Visiting hospital to see your loved one daily is a depressing and stressful thing. Even more time-consuming and overwhelming is taking his or her care at home. It might involve changing your own schedule to accommodate the patient’s daily activities.

Home care nursing helps you relax even when your patient is with you at home. This is because he or she is in the best hands of an in-home caregiver. You can carry on with your daily routine and in the meantime, accompany your patient to recover faster and better.

  • The expertise of Hospital Standard – Nowadays, it is possible to arrange even infusion therapy and some monitoring equipment at home for patients who need them. This is especially useful for older adults because they generally prefer to stay around their families instead of staying in a hospital.

Many pharmacies and home care nursing agencies pool resources to work for the betterment of patients who desire to be treated at home instead of an acute care centre.

Patients always love to be with their family members when they are not well or are in the recovery phase. Home care nursing is a method to give them a chance to be at least mentally well while their bodies are making up for the losses. 

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