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We can’t express the excitement of the day we start our first blog. It feels like big step and we try to collect all the blog post ideas we can during the day and night. We publish 2-3 blog and share it with our friends and family. That’s it, the traffic we get is less than 50 or 100 per month.

This low number of traffic can be hard hustle for those blogger thinking of quieting their 9-5 job and get time freedom. We feel starting a blog was easy but getting traffic to our site is way hard and feel impossible to even reach 1000 page view per month.

If you are going through this, don’t worry. I was on the same situation!

If you want to get successful at selling your Ebooks, sell your product, make money with affiliate marketing or make money with ads/ sponsored post. Traffic to your website is important!

Here are some easy way you can boost your blog traffic

  • First things first: Write content that helps people
    People only read your blog if they get some information. Write content in your niche that helps reader solve their problems. You are reading this post because you are looking for a way to maximize your blog traffic. If my website come on your feed but I am not providing you solution you are looking for, you will just scroll it. So create content that benefit readers. Doing this will help you get more share on your post.
    Imagine your blog is mini version of Google. Where people come to find answer of specific topic. This will help you to get unlimited traffic for ages.
  • Join Pinterest
    If you want free daily traffic, join Pinterest. Try to follow some people to get some followers back. Join as many groups as you can. Make graphic on Canva and Pin your content on Pinterest. This is the best way to get free traffic to grow your blog.
    I got almost 5,000 link click with just one pin on Pinterest. Which helped me to make more than $80 USD Adsense income( Just by 1 pin).

    Imagine your 10 pin get viral with just 5K link click per each = 10*5000
                                                                                  = 50,000 click on your ads
    This will bring you around $800 to $1000 USD ads revenue.


To get this kind of result you will have to create informative content and pin on Pinterest every day.

After crossing 25,000 monthly pageviews on your blog, you can join Mediavines. Partnering with them you can be able to make more money than Adsense.

When you start gaining traffic on your blog, maximize income with affiliate marketing, sponsored post and more.



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