Aline Dahmen, Nomad soulmates, Influencing Entrepreneur

Aline Dahmen Founded Nomad Soulmates To Match Location Independent People Romantically.

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For digital nomads, dating comes with its very own, unique challenges! Different then from what you are used to when it comes to dating the lifestyle is part of the reason why many remote workers and digital nomads struggle to find their soulmate.

Digital nomads work online which allows them to travel a lot. The wish of finding someone who is like-minded, able to travel yet still making their bugs somehow remotely is big among most digital nomads, says Aline.

Aline Dahmen founded a digital nomad community for singles on Facebook 2 years ago and started a big hit with it. It took off rapidly because she provided exactly what the community badly wanted. A space for singles to connect.

With online speed dating games, offline blind dates,  hot seats and many more icebreakers, their brand new, free dating web-app and introduction games Nomad Soulmates is the number one go-to place to find your nomad soulmate. Until date, they count 11 thousand active members.

Work- life balance

A structure is what is helping her the most, to stay productive, effective and most importantly balanced, she says. Next, to her daily work she is spending lots of time with her partner camping almost every weekend with The Getaway Camp as well as traveling within Bali and surrounding islands.

Aline Dahmen, Nomad soulmates, Influencing Entrepreneur

The single most influential factor in her business’ success

It’s probably her go-getter mindset. If there is a problem, she recommends focusing on the solution. With her dating game offers and free community, she clearly found a working solution for her audience. Also bringing Sebastien Pelletier, her co-founder in the team made a huge difference. He is the technical brain behind everything and knows a lot about startup ventures. He created the web-app where one can easily see who is around, an easy tool to connect with other single nomads.

Advice on becoming a digital nomad

Often one doesn’t know how to start out and which skills to monetize. Aline says to start with what you already have. She was a Virtual Assistant before and started to earn her first remote bugs that way until she figured out that she wants her own company. You can always level up through online courses and youtube videos. The internet is full of free information.


If you are a single remote worker and would like to connect with other likeminded singles join their next online speed dating event for digital nomads or book a hot seat.

If you are someone who would like to know how to create your own Facebook group and make money from it, you can send Aline an email to and schedule a free 30min coaching call.

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