8 Must See Places To Visit In Austria

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Austria is a paradise! The small country with his diverse nature and sights is absolutely worth to visit. When you are on a tour through Europe definitely take some time to check out Austria. There are mountains to ski, rivers to kayak and cities to explore. Amazing locals will make your journey unforgettable. The nature makes you feel being in a fairytale. Whatever your reasons are to travel, all purposes will be fulfilled in Austria. If you are looking to enjoy nature, having some adventures or having a historical journey… maybe you just want to relax for a while!
Go to Austria! you will find all that. We have some tips you should definitely check out on your tour through this amazing country.

Old town Salzburg

The city Salzburg has an old town where each and every street is filled with history. The ancient architecture gives you the feeling of being on a time travel. You wouldn’t wonder to see Mozart in real! – Small shops with traditional chocolate sweets, Cafes and other shops will give you the taste of the variety the city has to offer.


Innsbruck is an international city in the west of Austria, located in a valley where a big river brings the melting snow from the mountains. Innsbruck itself has his very own charm, many young people are around and history is everywhere. Innsbruck is the starting point for various mountain sports: from skiing, hiking and climbing to bungee and much more.
Take the chance to visit the authentic relaxed, sportive and historical city.


Hallstatt is probably the most famous spot in Austria. The village with its old houses located next to a crystal blue clear water and surrounded by the majesty of mountains is the perfect shot. Enjoy the impressive spot, relax in the city, explore the surrounding or simply enjoy the view over the lake.


Vienna as the capital of Austria offers a huge range of history, impressive buildings, palaces and architecture. Furthermore, Vienna is one of the greenest cities; so, you can just relax in a park. The city is famous for his coffee-house culture. Nearly everywhere you can find small authentic coffee shop with excellent fresh brewed coffee. Each coffee shop you will enter will look different and has its very individual and amazing appearance with love for the detail.


Graz´s old town is from the middle ages; the surrounding streets still show the renaissance-styled buildings. If you go around a little more, you will see modern architecture with contemporary arts. A small mountain in the city gives amazing views over the whole area and has an old clock tower residing on top. The city with all its small details is definitely worth to visit. It will take you through various centuries!

Zell am See

Zell am See is a city next to a lake in a very famous skiing area. You have everything there! An authentic city, a wonderful lake and high mountains. Everything at once. In Zell am See there are various activities waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance.

St. Anton am Arlberg

St. Anton is the paradise for all winter sports. If you want to explore the beautiful snow-covered mountains, you should come here. In numerous areas, you can go for skiing and snowboarding. Even if you never tried it before, here you can learn it!


The lake with his amazing blue colored water will give you the chance to take a refreshing bath in the hot summers. You can go for various hikes and enjoy the peaceful fairytale nature with all its beauty.

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