5 Must Subscribe Newsletters for Every Small Business Entrepreneur

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In the life of an average businessman, it’s about building their business and possibly continue to grow out slowly and steadily. There are several business owners who don’t even care about what’s happening around them in the market. They focus just on the internal factors of their business. But it’s not an ideal way to sustain in the business for a longer period. Gaining valuable information about your industry and current market trends is something crucial for prosperity.

Newsletters can be a great way to help with this as they do the heavy lifting of compiling worthwhile articles targeted to subscribers’ specific needs. Subscribing to good newsletters on the topics relevant to you and your business can be a great way to save time while ensuring that you’re informed and consistently developing relevant skills and knowledge bases.

With that in mind, here are seven newsletters that small business owners will benefit from and enjoy reading.

Build for Tomorrow

Build for Tomorrow is a monthly newsletter created by Jason Feifer, he is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. This newsletter focuses on business development and change adaptation, he gives readers tips on entrepreneurship and how to adapt to constant market variables. These tips are not only practical and applicable, but they encourage readers to take action through a series of motivational features. It’s well worth your time to review these tips each month.

HBR’s Management Tip of the Day

Harvard Business Review has a reputation for giving valuable tips for entrepreneurs and leaders. This newsletter is exactly what it sounds like. Every day, the Harvard Business Review sends out one tip to help readers become better leaders and managers. The tips are short and come with advice on how to start implementing them. This is a daily must-read for leaders, as it’s a quick and easy way to ensure that you’re constantly working to become a more effective manager.

Idea of the Day

Idea of the Day is a daily newsletter by Barbara Weltman that is focused on one, easy-to-digest topic. The topics vary yet are all relevant to small business owners. The daily ideas cover everything from upcoming events to market trends to tax changes. Subscribing to this newsletter help leaders to expand their knowledge base and to learn about topics that they might not otherwise explore.

Monday Morning Macro

“Y Combinator’s Monday Morning Macro is a great resource for entrepreneurs. The newsletter is sourced from Y Combinator’s various resources, and from Hacker News, where people share and discuss interesting things related to computer science and entrepreneurship. While some of the content can be on the more technical side, it’s also full of advice and interviews from some of the smartest entrepreneurs out there.


“Startup Nation’s is a no-fluff source of information that gets right to the heart of what small business owners need: essential tools and resources to help their businesses grow. Trust the decades of experience that go into the recommendations and advice. In a sea of information, this newsletter is valuable knowledge.” Altogether StartupNation is a must-subscribe newsletter for every entrepreneur.

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