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3 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic And Earn More

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I spend approximately a month reading income reports of numerous bloggers ( Still doing it though). One of the common things I found is their earning from Mediavine ( $500 to almost $1500) with little as 30,000 to 80,000 page views per month. That is totally insane!

It might be hard for you to believe what I’m going to say now ” Bloggers spend 1-2 hours per day and the experts 4-5 hours per week on their website”. The strategies are simple but they had done it for years, now the blog doesn’t require them to put additional work. Which simply means they are earning passive income from their blog.

More traffic equals higher earning from a different source. As I mentioned earlier huge Mediavine earning from normal blog traffic. Affiliate income, online course, sponsored post are some of the additional sources bloggers make money from the traffic they have generated.

If you’re new to blogging/ business owners, generating traffic is one of the struggles you might be going through. Here’re quick 3 strategies you can implement today to start receiving your first 25,000 sessions/ month on your site.

Why 25,000 sessions, I’m glad you asked?
To get into Mediavine, your site must reach this threshold. If you’re a new blogger, I strongly encourage you to concentrate on building your traffic so, you can enjoy maximum earning from ads revenue.

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Tips to generate ( 0 to 1000) traffic to your blog from today.

  1. Create content that people need.
    I wrote this blog post cause you were looking for it. Thousands of people have just started a blog but don’t know how to receive traffic on their site. Here’s the demand for the post. Create content that can help readers to maximize their growth.Note: In every post you publish, don’t forget to add 4 to 5 of your best-performing articles. This leads the audience to check another blog post of your site and increase pageviews.
  2. Pin manually to group boards.
    Figure out the time when most of the members are active and Pin manually. At this point, I believe you already have a Pinterest account and a 5-10 group broad. A single pin at the right time can drive up to 150-200 traffic. If you didn’t receive any traffic to the particular pin, create a new design and pin it the next day. Having some engagement with that blog post can help you to maximize your traffic from Tailwind Tribe.You can receive traffic to your blog throughout the month if you pin it at the appropriate time. This what we call creating a viral pin.
  3. Grow together by helping other bloggers.
    The next step for you is to join Tailwind. Share your pin from the Pinterest to Tailwind tribe, this step will bring a flood of traffic to your blog.A tribe is a group of bloggers in Tailwind where everyone shares other content. It’s a must to re-pin different content to maximize the individual blog post traffic. You might have already noticed while pinning on Pinterest. The day another blogger repined your content, you got more traffic. That is exactly what the idea of Tribe is. Their golden rule of kicking the member out who hasn’t share another blogger content makes scam-free.

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