3 Steps to Build a Community Around Your Business

3 Steps to Build a Community Around Your Business

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3 Steps to Build a Community Around Your Business

In past years, advertising primarily held the key to popularizing your brand and reaching greater audience engagement. But, today customers are expecting something more from brands to create a sense of togetherness. With improved use of technology and outstanding online and offline features, community building around a brand is crucial for its sustainability.

Customers tend to actively engage with their interested brands, share their user experience, and build a strong customer relationship. It’s important for businesses to have a strong community management team as it’s one of the major marketing strategies organizations consider.

As an entrepreneur, effectively creating a customer base and gathering them to build a strong community could help your brand become easily recognized by people across the globe.

Consider the case of Hootsuite, three years from their establishment; they have reached a 3 million user base only with the help of building a strong community around their brand.

So, below are three crucial steps you should consider in order to build a community around your business.

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Define Your Brand

It’s impossible for people to understand what your brand is offering unless you strongly define its purpose and the why factor to your audience!

Every brand has its own reason for existence; it’s not about squeezing in everyone, you have to set the brand image and define the things your brand values, and it doesn’t.

The members who are actively joining the community around your business must feel confident about what they should expect from engaging with you.

For example, Uber Eats, a renowned brand for food delivery, and Uber is the parent company focuses on online car taxi services. As a result, when a customer joins an Uber community, he/she must not be confused about whether the community would be engaging more about car trips or would it be discussing about food options. A well-defined and separated message is important to avoid any confusion. 

Make the Membership Valuable and Exclusive.

Everyone who is joining your community expects to have the freedom to share their opinions and, moreover, get an exclusive brand experience from the community managers.

Along with all those benefits, the member must expect safe and secure in sharing information with others. So, making the community membership valuable for each of the joining members is pretty much necessary for building a strong connection with the brand. Along with that, an exclusive feel could make the members more active in the community engagements and activities.

Providing a special coupon or a random giveaway could build a more exclusive feeling for all the community members.

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