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10 Legit Ways To Make Money From Home

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People are digesting the idea of making money from home, which was once considered to be a scam. For the demographic of “Generation Z”, absence of accessible resources didn’t enable them to monetize work from home. But for Millennial, this is not an excuse. The world is extremely connected with technology and with a couple of click, appropriate strategies, anyone can reach their potential clients.

The level of stress at a 9-5 job is increasing rapidly which has led numerous individuals with depression, anxiety, and different health problems. 

If you’re thinking of working on a home-based side hustle that will create time & financial freedom, here’re 10 legit ways!

Freelance the current job skill

Whether you worked as an accountant, graphic designer, project manager, writer, or other from a desk in an agency. It might be interesting for you to know that several companies are hiring freelancers from all around the world to accomplish regular work. You don’t need to visit them to deliver the work & all the project terms can be discussed online. How excellent is that!

Here’re the 3 most reputable freelancing websites you can create a profile to receive job offers.

  • Fiverr 
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer


Get clients through your own website

Partnership with freelancing companies is an outstanding technique to receive the first 50 to 100 orders but for the long term, you must consider your own website that will drive high-value clients. With the growing number of Freelancers, the competition is considerably high & rates have become cheaper. But establishing yourself as a specialist in a particular field will bring buyers that are worth the time and money. 

One of the common mediums to mark yourself as an expert is by owning a website/blog. Regularly sharing your expertise that is valued to the audience, builds an authority plus leads words of mouth recommendation. Creating a website is not a complicated process anymore, anyone can have a blog with less than the cost of a cup of coffee/ month. 

Create your blog today in less then 15 min

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Recommend product you love

This is by far the most common way every home-based business owner makes money online. We’re not talking of $50 or $100 dollars, those who have been practicing long term are earning $100,000 to a million dollars per year. This idea of earning is called affiliate marketing.

Most businesses have a program that allows individuals to earn commissions in every sale they proceed with the promotion link. An easy technique to promote the product link is by embedding it on your blog content. When a reader finds value & purchases the product/ service that you have shared on your blog/ social media handle, the company will offer 10% to 80% commission out of each sale.

Having your blog will help you tremendously to address reviews for the companies and generate passive income from that post. Start your blog today!


Sell your course online/ Ebook

Creating and selling an online course has become one of the trending methods to earn money. The benefit of this business model is that you can make money continuously from one-time work. A single course can help you reach millions in revenue. After the course is launched you can concentrate on maximizing the sale and earn money while you sleep.

Best places to host your online course:

  • Teachable
  • Udemy
  • Amazon for Ebooks

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has become one of the most beneficial tools to make money. Whether it is documenting the travel journey, creating content from home, recording covers songs and more. The process of producing content is simple and with just a phone anyone can start earning. Videos can be about what you prefer to share, YouTube has infinite categories. If you’re a home mom, you can document your day or any things you feel like recording can make money for you. 

Write on Medium

If recording videos are not your thing, you can try writing on Medium. This is a content platform where anyone can share their thoughts or expertise in written form. After you share your first story and start drawing some attention  & get claps from the audience. You can receive money from the Medium partnership. 

There are countless companies/ magazines that offer money for the articles you submit. The price range can be from $50 to $500. 


Media companies obliged to maintain professionalism. Any grammatical skates can switch the reader from the site and decrease the worth of the brand. So, it is essential for companies to issue extremely proofread articles. This is where you can correct and charge fees.

Not only media companies, but many freelance writers also need proofreaders. If they submit quality content to publication, payment, and work can be steady. Proofreading is one of the most required professions and you can monetize it from home.


The word ” Dropshipping” sounds complex & only tech specialists can earn money out of this practice but it’s not correct. Anyone can build a thriving dropshipping business with the right strategies. If you’re a home-based parent or millennial who can’t create a store, then you can hire someone to do it for you. The charges can be less than $100 but once the store is launched and spread to the right audience, it can generate $1000 to a million dollars per month revenue without additional work.

Become a PR 

If you want to take a challenge in composing content and form a 7 figure business from home. Becoming a PR agent can be a powerful alternative. To start as a beginner, you can reach out to businesses via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms and ask if they require publicity online. Companies spend tons of capital building visibility online & small brands may doesn’t know where to start. You can write 5 to 10 content with promotional headlines mentioning the company and column in different media. This benefits businesses while buyer research for companies profile before performing any purchases. 

Become a service agent

Making huge amount of money every month as a freelance is considerably difficult. Becoming a high value service agent can help you reduce the effort and receive big commission. You can start as a Real estate agent marketing properties. This builds a relationship with high networth personalities and strengthens your rate of percentage if you execute a significant number of sales.

Not only on real estate, you can be a service agent in a diverse field. As of now, one of the trending ways of making money is obtaining a high quality client on your site and outsourcing the task from freelancing platforms. 

This process is called Drop Servicing. 

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