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Are you planning a backcountry huts trip to Colorado this weekend?

Adventure trips in Colorado such as, paddling in campsites are a fun way to loosen yourself over the weekend and get rid of the stress that has slouched your back and strained your brain in the office. Backcountry camping lets you go of all the mental and physical exhaustion that has been clogging your body and mind.  

Although low-risk and accessible form of exercise, you need to stay well prepared before going on one. Why?

Because preparation keeps you safe, well equipped against everything you might face in the wilderness, and on the top of it all, you are able to enjoy a trip, knowing that you have everything planned.

Today we will share with you a set of essential tips, including the must-haves that you need in your backcountry trip to enjoy a safe time outdoors:


Before hitting the mountains, make sure you do thorough research on where you are going. Take for example; you are opting for a ski tour japan package, know how the climate is going to be, the nearest Japan ski resort to your area of camping and hiking, the cultural etiquettes which you are supposed to follow, etc. Research the route correctly, what wildlife you might encounter, how is the trail condition, and how long will it take for you to reach there by the faster and available means of transportation.


You may never know how Mother nature will plan on behaving the very next second. Why risk it? Also, one of the most common reasons of causality can be hypothermia, especially in the high country. Sudden rain, or drop in temperature can be detrimental to your health and spoil your trip. Pack multiple layered clothes, sweaters, cardigans, leg warmers, just in case the weather decides to get a little freakish.


While it might be old school, but always have a detailed map of the place that you are visiting. While you can rely on GPS technology, but it is technology after all, what if it fails? Also, make sure to keep a compass with you.


While packing makes sure to keep the items that might be useful in just in case of emergencies like heavy rain, losing directions. These items could be a waterproof match, lightweight cord, whistle, bear spray reflective emergency blanket, etc.


This should be the first thing that you put in your backpack. A large box of essential first aids: bandages, ointment, scissors, disposable gloves, tweezers, antiseptic, pain relievers, splint. If you are suffering from any allergies, make sure to carry your medications with you an extra supply.


No matter how hilly or snowy area you are going camping, always have sun protection. With you. Keep moisturizer, sunscreen, and other products that have a high sun protection factor. There is still the possibility of sunstroke or sunburn. Stay protected, keep sunscreen with you at all time, and apply periodically.


This is one of the biggest mistakes that backcountry travelers do, thinking the water supply they have is sufficient. Always carry the most extensive water system along with a filter, unless you want to get sick the first-day drinking water from the stream. Keep two methods of water purification with you to make sure that the water you consume is free from bacteria fo all kinds.

So make sure you have thought your upcoming weekend backcountry trip through, to enjoy it to the fullest and come back to your loved ones with the stories of adventure, safely.

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