10 Best Analytic Tools You Must Know About

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What is the goal of an analytic tool?

Analytic tools are used to increase performance results. One way of researching and measuring performance is by using analysis to extract information that is relevant and actionable.

Interpreting data and tracking statistics of your business is one of the main reasons your business will succeed. It’s the pivotal means for the growth of any company and it involves making meticulous spreadsheets and tracking sales and expenses.


How many people are visiting your website and what type of sales results are you getting from the traffic?

Tracking performance is crucial especially if you have an online business. You will know what changes to implement by tracking numbers and your blog readership. Nudge analytics is a content measurement site that tracks performance using statistics and charts.

Here are 10 other of the best analytic tools you must know about:


Emphasis is based on security. There is free software that can be downloaded and scanned. This is a site for security using technology that will improve the speed of any site and give you insight on your visitors. Understanding your traffic is also a crucial part of this analytics tool. You can move your site in the right direction with this tool.


One of the best known analytic tools that provide free information regarding blogs and measuring data is Google Analytics. This site was launched in 2005. By using this tool along with Google Webmaster Tools anyone can get effective results at no cost to the company using this tool. Data is categorized as new versus repeat users to your website. Reports are made on that information and sent to the owner of the site.


With a great interface, Church analytics is a site that provides useful information for many Church related websites. Insight is given by this analytics tool on how to increase donations and how to discover new trends in performance.
Other Features:
– Understanding trend behavior
– Free giving analysis
– Church culture insight
– Investing in what matters
– Measuring giving trends


Simplicity in this tool is the best thing about it. It also is an open source analytics software that tracks how people use applications on a website. It is free and there is an effective method to track your visitors and open source projects. It’s similar to Google Analytics as it can also do great research for your web traffic.


Mint is a self-hosted website with a dashboard that’s flexible and easy to use. You make one payment of $30 and you are done. This verses being charged a monthly fee. You can use a credit card or PayPal to set up the account. The overall arrangement of the site and the layout of the charts are simple and straightforward.


Customer interaction with your site is the number one type of analytics this company can help you with. You can even measure and visualize what your visitors did while they were on your site when viewing your tabs. What site was totally ignored and where the most time was spent. How your viewers interact with your site is very well measured by Clicktale analytics.


If you want to find out how people navigate your site, Crazy Egg is an expert in analytics for this type of research. How many people clicked your pages is calculated by CrazyEgg every time. You can select maps to figure out how your visitors are browsing. How far people scroll down to your pages is also measured by this tool.


A favorite for company blogs is this analytics company that was started by a few guy friends. This company will show you who your visitors are and it is a great place for commerce businesses online versus checking blogs. It will help you optimize the growth of your company from pre-purchase to post-purchase time.


Piwik is a free web analytics tool with an open source similar to Google Analytics. Specific software can be downloaded to track websites you are interested to know more about and analytic reports can be accessed in real time.


This is one of the favorites! They provide instant and real-time data analysis. What a great way to figure out what your traffic flow is like at any given moment. Spikes in traffic to your site can be tracked very efficiently. Also, visitors from an outside source can be monitored.

In the final analysis, the most important thing is to be able to keep track of the traffic that comes to your site. Measuring the number of times you have had visitors, and tweaking the approach to getting them to come back to purchase what it is you are selling, is the key element for the success of any business.

Many believe that if it can’t be measured, then it isn’t worth doing. When you use one of these analytic tools that best fits your needs, then you will always have the best Nudge Analytics to count on for the progress and anticipated profit for your business.

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