Why Place A Modern Fireplace At your Place?

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Well, we’ve seen some cool fireplaces over the years in movies and series, and somewhere, we all have craved such pretty fireplaces. But they are not so convenient as they cause a lot of pollution and it also requires high maintenance, which is not always possible. Traditional fireplaces have lots of demerits, and some of them are listed below. This will clear your thoughts about why the modern fireplace is more efficient than the traditional ones.

The demerits of the traditional fireplace:

Adverse effect on the environment: This is due to the high emission of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The use of woods and coal causes this problem, repercussions of which can’t be avoided. 

Takes up way too much space: Yes, it is large, so it requires a lot of space to create a fireplace in the first place only. For wood, you have to increase the area. Also, if you have children in your house, it is not very helpful to keep an open fireplace. You always have to keep your eyes on your children because it is dangerous.

Requires hard work: As mentioned earlier, it requires high maintenance. You have to continuously feed wood to the fire so that it is lit up. Even after you blow out the fire, the ashes may cause problems. If there is air in the room, then ashes wood fly all over the place, which is not at all hygienic.

Now that you know about traditional fireplaces, we are introducing to you a modern portable fireplace that is highly trending for home and work use. 

What is a modern portable fireplace?

A modern portable is a unique mobile fireplace that can be easily placed in your bedroom, living room, etc. Their unique features save the cost of remodeling or installation. Not just portable and pretty looking, they are also bio-ethanol. Another great feature is that it comes in various price ranges that can easily match your budget. Moreover, they are compact and can be adjusted into super small places.

Now, let us see some more merits of the modern portable fireplace:

  • Less effect on the environment: It emits less CO and CO2 in the air, which is beneficial for the environment as well as for the house.
  • Low maintenance: You don’t have to keep an eye on it the whole time. It’s self-programmable and can be lit anywhere and everywhere. You don’t require a lot of space to keep it somewhere, unlike the traditional fireplace.
  • Anyone can use it: It is so easy that anyone can use it as it is straightforward to control. Also, it doesn’t even take much time to assemble.


Apart from the merits, there are many other additional features related to modern fireplaces which will create excitement to buy it:

  • Easy to set up: Either you can hang it on the wall or place it on the floor. So, you can set it up based on either of your choice. Most importantly, as it is portable, you can set it up in any room based on your requirements. You don’t need additional construction or space to set it up. You don’t have to sit or stand by it throughout, as it is remote controlled, making it convenient for everyone.
  • Complements the decor: As it looks pretty, it goes well with room decors. It is so fashionable and unique that your friends and colleagues will fall in love with your home decor. It also helps to create a pleasant environment in the house itself. It has got many variations, like stainless steel, electric, etc.
  • Safe for home: Yes, they are much more reliable than a traditional fireplace. It creates a smoke-free environment. Thus, it won’t generate any pollution, as mentioned earlier. As bio gels are used, there won’t be any ashes, unlike the traditional ones. So it will be a lot safer to have kids around.
  • Affordable: Yes, it is affordable. It looks luxurious and classy, but it is budget-friendly. It is much cheaper than making a traditional fireplace. For a traditional fireplace, you need to build a chimney as well. But modern portable fireplaces don’t require vents. So, this reduces the cost of building a chimney as well.
  • Power consumption: You won’t need woods or coal to keep the room cozy and warm. For that, you need electricity, which is much easier and better than bringing wood home. It would be lit up by the use of electricity.

So these were some primary reasons to buy a modern portable fireplace. In short, if anyone asks why you should invest your money in this contemporary fireplace? This should be your go-to answer— It is affordable, stylish, low maintenance, user-friendly, and causes little pollution. In your next buy, try to get a modern portable fireplace. After all, don’t you want to stay away from the cold weather and keep you and your family warm?

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