Ways to find out the best luxury magazine in South Florida

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Luxury marketing is a special kind of marketing. This niche works and acts at its own pace and doesn’t follow the ground rules of general marketing, and is not so sensitive to change. Luxury magazines still reign supreme when it comes to luxury marketing. Almost every luxury market has its own luxury magazines and some of them have extensive readerships. There is a market for luxury in almost every affluent area in the country and South Florida is no exception.

There are multiple luxury magazines in South Florida. Some are general and feature various events, categories, and products, while others are precisely catered to a special audience. They are either focused on real estate, sports, cars, yachts, vacations, events, fashion or special leisure activities.

The best luxury magazines attract millions of viewers, making them the right choice for advertisers and manufacturers to expand their reach. Brands fight over them, affluent readers want to read them and their business is booming, regardless of the economic situation. The luxury market has its own pace and the luxury magazines are living proof. Luxury magazines are often printed and their quality is exquisite. The market still favors print and their circulation is steady, even during the advent of technology and social media. Affluent people love to have a physical magazine in their hands, love to feel the texture of the paper and see the quality of the print.

The luxury magazine niche is incredibly globalized. Usually, affluent readers want to read the same information: an affluent businessman from London will likely have the same preferences as a businessman in Paris, so the market is incredibly similar. This is why most luxury magazines have a worldwide circulation – affluent readers want the best the world has to offer. And they all want it…

But which are the best luxury magazines in the world? Which are the relevant luxury magazines in South Florida? Let’s go over some important luxury magazines and a short description of them:

Robb Report

The Robb Report is one of the most famous luxury magazines in South Florida that you will find. It has a global circulation and it is printed in English. Robb Report was founded in 1976, by Robert “Rusty” White, who wanted to create a small leaflet to sell his Civil War memorabilia and Rolls-Royce vehicles more easily. Initially, the leaflet was named “Twentieth Century Confederates” and has grown over the years to represent a report on the luxurious lifestyle of his entourage. The initial issue had mimeographed loose-leaf pages, a suede binder and was offered at a high price for readers. A subscription was also possible and the growth was spectacular during the first years. After a short growth period, the leaflet grew into an advertorial and into a magazine. The magazine now has tens of thousands of subscribers and is steadily growing. Recently, the company issued Muse by Robb Report, geared at a female readership. The magazine has also multiple international versions.


The magazine is published by Time Inc. and is offered freely for holders of the American Express Platinum charge card. The magazine is available for subscription and it has a print and online version. Founded in 1984, Departures features extensive reports on lifestyle events, fashion, travel, and art, as well as home design and city guides. The magazine is issued 7 times per year and has multiple international versions.


Worth was launched in 1986 as a financial, wealth management and lifestyle magazine. A powerful player in the luxury magazine niche and an important actor in the South Florida luxury magazine market, Worth has a circulation of about 125,000 and is published by Sandow. Geared at high-net-worth individuals, it features ample reports, news, and articles on financial, legal and lifestyle issues. Each magazine is divided into four separate segments: Make covers money and entrepreneurship, Grow focuses on investment and wealth management, Live discusses lifestyle, passion investing and philanthropy and Creator deals with luxury products, vacations, services, and other experiences.


This global magazine is designed for high-net-worth individuals and is published by Winkontent. Founded in Canada, by an independent entrepreneur, the Monocle has been described as a combination of Foreign Policy and Vanity Fair. It provides a unique perspective on global and international affairs, culture, art, design, fashion, and business. The Monocle has recently expanded and has issued The Forecast, a yearly magazine that covers international events and lifestyle. The Escapist, another product created by Monocle, is focused on high-end travel, featuring extensive reports on important cities around the world.


Although popular in the United Kingdom, Tatler is becoming immensely popular in the South Florida luxury magazine market as well. Launched in 1901, Tatler is one of the premier luxury publications in the world. It covers politics, history, current affairs, and high society. Special features include travel, art, culture and lifestyle events. Its readership is widely considered very affluent and it has a circulation of about 100,000 per issue. Tatler is published in various international versions, including in Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. The magazine is noted for its guides on affluent lifestyles, such as the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, which featured the lives of high-net-worth individuals in South East Asia.

How To Spend It

Originating as a supplement for the Financial Times, this luxury magazine attracts about 256,000 readers every month in its print and online versions and is immensely popular in the South Florida luxury magazine market. It has been a part of the Financial Times for 40 years and there has been continuous growth. The trend is expected to grow and the glossy magazine is now distributed in dozens of countries worldwide, together with the Financial Times newspaper, 34 times a year. The digital version is impressive, giving free access to almost 200 back issues of the magazine. The team behind it consists of award-winning writers and journalists, covering travel, fashion, lifestyle events, sports, and investments. The magazine is immensely popular in North America, Asia, and Europe.

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