Using Hemp oil for back pains

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Back pains can often be more painful than other body aches and can affect your daily functioning. Injuries, aging, and diseases can pull down your physical ability and also affect your mental health by contributing to stress and low self-esteem. Back pain is often the leading cause for doctors visits and missing work and its incidence is only increasing with the sedentary lifestyles we are leading. Often people have been prescribed painkillers or are forced into surgery to treat their ailments and they have side effects varying from addiction, to low immunity and even wrong medication. However, there’s one solution to curing this hinderance- hemp oil.

Hemp oil can not only ease movement but can also increase efficiency through its supplementary effects. Often, hemp is confused with marijuana but both are starkly different in the chemical that they produce. THC is what comes from marijuana and makes you ‘high’, on the other hand, CBD is what is applied to the skin and relieves pain.

Hemp oil has the following benefits:

  1. 100% natural and contains oils such as Omega 3 and 6 that are rarely found in daily diets
  2. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and can be used as an alternative painkiller
  3. It reduces stress on various muscles as it is soaked in and therefore helps with improving strength
  4. It helps to improve one’s mood
  5. It may reduce the risk of diabetes which reduces back pain symptoms from kidney damage and neuropathy
  6. Reduces cardiovascular diseases risk and therefore helps with making sure pain in arms and legs is also reduced
  7. It is fairly legal in multiple states and  has been used as a traditional form of medicine for centuries

Its consumption varies according to one’s weight, pain, etc and there are no possibilities of overdose and death by taking too much. Hemp oil can be consumed in various ways and each has different benefits and quantities.

Different benefits and quantities

  1. Through drops under the tongue- this is the fastest way for the CBD to enter your bloodstream
  2. Through capsules or Gummies
  3. Through edibles such as baked goods with the oil or even salad dressings
  4. Through topical creams that provide relief

Essentially, hemp oil makes sure neural transmissions on pain pathways is limited and also reduces inflammation. Whether one ingests it or applies it, the effect is the same. Unlike painkillers which numb your sense, hemp oil is focused when you apply it to a specified region on your skin. According to the North American Spine Center, CBD oil is becoming a more promising prospect in mitigating chronic back pains. Thus, it’s versatile uses and safety makes it an ideal method of treating severe ailments and reducing suffering.

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