Torah: The Inspiration To Art

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Torah is holy natural guidance for people believing in all mighty and his ways. The word has several meanings attached to it. One of which that the people believe is the first holy 5 books from the collection of TANAKH, a Hebrew bible consisting of 24 books. The Hebrew art which is related to Torah has been gaining immense popularity lately. This is because of the aesthetic and pleasing feel present in the art, in the form of paintings, antiques, showpieces, etc.

Torah is extremely vital to Jewish lives as it holds the unfolding of their society, cultures, trials, and norms. A binding covenant scroll with the deity which depicts their conviction to their unwavering belief and respect to him. Torah ignites a moral in people which connects their cultural with a strong bond. It explains the way an individual should proceed with his/her life to achieve enlightenment. Religious norms hold a critical value as it purifies them and guides them to the righteous path.

Journey to the art

Torah slowly turned into art when people started picturizing what they felt about their bond with the all mighty. People started drawing abstract arts with beautiful colours in contrast with primary colors. Torah art`s main element is always a massive scroll which is emphasized upon. The scroll might be carried by the one who reads it or can be shown as a gift given by God to mankind. The beautiful art depicts the heaven which awaits a soul to connect with the almighty, the ladder to it is formed with the Hebrew alphabet and words from Torah. The art slowly began to spread from region to region.

In the mid-nineties, Torah art began to form a culture. People started painting for their homes, workplaces, meditation rooms which allowed them to connect better with ethical, cultural as well as religious norms in a better way. The paintings slowly evolved to be a trend to be accepted by all as the art had a deep meaning embedded to it.

From art to decor

The exquisite Torah paintings are genuinely made with unwavering dedication and hard work. Torah artists are very difficult to find these days as the brilliant colorwork with smooth brushstrokes that yields a pure masterpiece usually comes from a genuine artist.

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Torah paintings are fascinating, alluring but perplexing at the same time which is why they are loved by all. Some abstract Torah arts are very dynamic as every viewer, every spectator will be in awe after looking but never for the same reason. The specialty about Torah paintings lies in the psychological world of your deepest emotions. One observer might look a serene ocean shared by God with a tranquil view, others might observe the depth of the ocean that the almighty has provided us to find our inner self. Every Torah painting is the same yet different for every eye that witnesses it.

Also, Torah art helps in deepening the bond between God and our souls. The psychological impact of a Torah painting is positive in our daily life as it brings out a clear view of our mind frame in front of us. From ancient times, the color-contrasting used in Torah art is very unique as it calms the mind and instills a thought. People prefer it in their homes as it plays a brilliant role as decor. These paintings can be used in any theme or color of decor. As well as for urban, royal, luxurious, casual outlook, a Torah painting will always be a cherry on the top of your decor.

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