Round Glass Dining Table – A Great Choice For your Dining Area

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There are a lot of dining tables to choose from. Every model you imagine – it’s on the market, you can buy it! Whether you are looking to buy your first dining table or want to simply have an upgrade, the market can be overwhelming. Just by doing a simple online search on one of the popular online furniture stores, you’ll get thousands of results. And that’s just one website, with just a handful of manufacturers. Simply put, the market is literally flooded with anything you can possibly imagine – there are thousands of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from.

But how can you make the best choice? How can you choose the right dining table for your dining area? Should you choose a rectangular table or a round modern dining table? Should you go for a vintage wood table or for a round glass dining table? Which is right for you? Let’s try to find out thoroughly examining some options.:

What to look for – the basics

The main factor you’ll need to pay attention to is the size of the dining table. Ideally, the width of the table should be at least 36 inches, in order to accommodate people as well as the food and beverages. The size can vary a lot, but as the table length increases, so does the width. Typically, dining room tables are designed to accommodate 4 to 8 people. Larger ones are available, which can accommodate up to 16 or 20 people. The dining table should be large enough to accommodate 6 to 8 people, but it also has to be small enough in order to leave enough room to walk around it.

Sizing the dining room table

measure the wall clearance – start by measuring the space around the dining area; you will have to leave plenty of room to allow diners to sit down and get up comfortably; try to leave at least 42 to 48 inches between the wall and the table

measure the table to furniture clearance – the same rule applies even if you have furniture in your dining area; leave 42 to 48 inches between the furniture and the dining table

measuring tip – use a bed sheet to estimate the size of the dining area; place it on the ground and estimate how large the dining table should be; you’ll get a rough estimate and you can start your search much easier

don’t overcrowd the dining area – you will need at least 2 feet of eating space per person; most manufacturers will offer recommendations on the number of people that can comfortably sit at the table

Choosing the best type of dining tables

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of different types of dining tables on the market. The most common dining tables are rectangular, but there are many round, oval and square models. Some manufacturers sell unique dining tables – triangle or pentagonal shaped, or even irregular shaped. Let’s go over some of the most common models and see which are the best ones for you:

Round tables

A round glass dining table is ideal for you if your dining area is small. They fit in tight spots and can comfortably accommodate at least 4 people. What’s more, there will be plenty of room to move around. Because round tables don’t have any corners, you can sit more people, if needed. It’s not uncommon to see a 4 person round modern dining table accommodate 5 to 6 people, during special occasions. Pedestal round tables are even more adaptable and have ample legroom for more people. Round tables also look spectacular and can add a lot of personality to your dining area.

Here are some common sizes for round tables:

(most manufacturers will offer further guidance on sizes)

  • a 3 foot round table with a pedestal base can seat 4 to 5 people
  • a 4-foot diameter round table with legs can seat 4 people
  • a 5-foot diameter round table with a pedestal base can seat 6 to 7 people
  • a 5-foot diameter round table with legs can seat 5 people
  • the list goes on incrementally: larger tables, with more than 8 feet in diameter, with a pedestal base, can seat 10 people or even more;

Tip – while a round modern dining table can be a great fit for your dining area, larger tables make it quite difficult to reach for food; if you want a table that seats more people, you should choose a rectangular-shaped one; if you still want a large round table, you should choose a center lazy Susan, so your guests can reach food easily.

Rectangular tables

These tables work great in long, narrow rooms. Most people choose rectangular dining tables because they want to use a longer room more efficiently. As previously stated, rectangular tables should have a width of at least 36 inches. As their length increases, their width increases as well. Here are common sizes for rectangular tables:

  • a 4-foot table seats four people
  • a 5 to 6-foot table seats six people
  • an 8 to 9-foot table seats ten people
  • some rectangular tables can be very long and, seating tens of people

Tip: rectangular tables don’t necessarily need chairs; you can use benches to make the dining experience a little more unique; benches are very nice, especially if you want to have a vintage style dining area.

Square dining tables

Square dining tables are very similar to round glass dining tables. They are ideal for square-shaped dining areas and create a more intimate dining experience. People are closer to each other and communication is much easier. Similar to round tables, larger square tables make it difficult for people to reach food. However, they are popular because they create a very pleasant dining experience. Square dining tables are ideal for dinner parties and allow individuals to enjoy one another’s company.

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