Most significant Benefits of Using Divorce Mediation Services

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A divorce is a highly traumatic and emotionally stressful experience for all parties involved. It is also a financially draining experience. In a divorce, both parties lose. While you cannot stop a couple from separating; you can make the situation less stressful and messy by mediation.  


Mediation is a less messy, gentler, and more productive approach to handling a divorce case. Here, you hire a divorce mediator, NY who as a neutral third party meets both the spouses, hears each point of view and then help them reach an amicable settlement and agreement. Most courts allow mediation today because of the immense advantages offered by the process. Few of the leading benefits are: 


Most child-focused of all divorce options 

Adults find it hard to cope with divorce, but children are the worst sufferers of it. They suffer to such an extent that many find it challenging to grow up as normal adults or lead a natural and healthy life. They fail to form a happy relationship when they grow up. Most of the children grow up blaming themselves for their parents’ divorce. Unfortunately, parents do not realize this until too late as they are busy fighting each other in court.  


But the best divorce mediator always treats the couple as parents and not as litigants. They also remind the couple that they will not be spouses after the divorce, but they will continue to remain as parents. This helps eliminate plenty of nasty words and traumatic experience in front of the children. They work with the parents to help children stay as usual and healthy as possible.  


A more peaceful affair  

By its very nature; a divorce proceeding is a heated affair which quickly turns into an all-out war. Two lawyers are representing each spouse who tries to put the entire fault at the other’s doorstep. But in mediation cases, there is just a single lawyer who acts on behalf of both parties.  


Thus, there is no blame game played in mediation. Both parties are heard stress is laid on a respectful conversation, patient listening of both sides, and mutually-agreeable problem-solving techniques. A good divorce mediator, NY persuades both parties to move past the hurt feelings of the past and focus more on moving on their lives in the future.  


Quicker and more flexible  

A divorce case is rarely a quick affair. It can take anything between a year to even three years before the situation gets settled. But mediation is a more efficient and less time-consuming procedure. Here the couple has full control of the mediation process and thus, can end things as quickly as possible. While it can take time in some instances; it mostly gets resolved in about two to three months.  


Nobody has to coordinate schedules or wait for the court dates. Thus, both parties can put this unpleasant experience behind and make a fresh start in their lives.  


A private and confidential affair 

Divorce cases are fought in a public courtroom. Thus, you are forced to confront your dirty laundry in public. But a divorce mediation case is heard in a private chamber with just the involved parties present. Hence, your dignity and self-respect are maintained. The court is presented with only the final divorce papers with everything settled and agreed upon. The move eliminates plenty of trauma and embarrassment.  


Mediation is accessible on the pockets.  

Fighting a divorce case is a costly affair — the cost hikes with the fact dragging on for years. Moreover, most divorce lawyers demand an initial retainer before they proceed with the case. A retainer is the initial deposit amount that the lawyer takes to cover up expenses and fight the case. In contrast, you do not need any retainer in a mediation case. You need to pay the service charge of one divorce mediator instead of two attorneys. Moreover, mediators often charge a reasonable flat fee. Since the time consumed is also less; the process becomes cheaper by its nature.  


Mediation has a better compliance rate  

Spouses often do not have any say in a divorce case. The lawyers and judge decide the rights and wrongs, and you are ordered to obey their order. But in mediation, it is the spouses who air their stand and come to a mutual agreement. This incited better satisfaction, and thus, they are more likely to comply with the arrangement.  




Given the advantages, it is always smarter to seek the services of the best divorce mediator instead of the divorce attorney at first go.  



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