How VERSIONS Design Agency is Helping Brands Elevate UI/UX Designs

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Many businesses today are uncovering the impact that design can have on their brand. Digital designs that feel outdated have fault lines in usability, or have a low ranking in SEO are motivating businesses to refresh their digital presence. After all, the online world is the ultimate source to gain traction in accumulating new users, retaining established, and emboldening brand identities. 

VERSIONS®—a digital design agency with over two decades of expertise knows all too well about the powerful impact of a strong digital design presence and highly functional UI/UX design. The Chicago-based team has designed user interfaces, graphic design, web design, and branding across industries and across platforms. 

This includes everything from developing the basic structure of an app to designing the user interface for a website. The agency focuses on making it easy for users to navigate through an application or website with a human-centric take on each of their design implementation strategies.

VERSIONS has been helping numerous stakeholders and businesses solve their UI/UX design issues and making clients’ businesses run smoothly by future-proofing errors so that a business will drive results and increase their conversion rates. 

With years of experience providing high-quality UI/UX design services to businesses and non-profit organizations, VERSIONS provides insights to those seeking a design refresh, or simply curious about the intricacies of UI/UX design. That same expertise is just part of what they do. As a sister brand to ArtVersion, they understand the importance of embodying every brand ethos within their design curations with contextual and data-driven research. This knowledge allows them to provide solutions that are specific to the needs of each business, helping them achieve success. VERSIONS experienced designers have a breadth of experience that allows them to develop robust and user-friendly designs.

VERSIONS has also realized and researched the modern expectation for today’s brands: authenticity. Users expect user-friendly digital products that feel genuine to a brand’s mission—this, in turn, evokes a sense of brand-client trust. To capture this type of customer, businesses’ UI/UX digital products should be designed to motivate users to come back and use the product repeatedly through authenticity. 

It isn’t simply businesses that the VERSIONS team works with, but they have also worked with a long litany of non-profit organizations. Non-governmental organizations also need to amplify their UI/UX designs to increase their visibility to share their message with audiences. Thus, the team has helped organizations not only elevate their digital design presence with sleek designs, but they have helped boost SEO rankings, ensure compliance with accessibility and usability, as well as help, improve their overall messaging. 

No matter their reach, or purpose, VERSIONS continues to help organizations, brands, start-ups, and more realize their greatest potential with end-to-end design and development.   

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