How to Enhance your Home Wireless Network Security?

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The introduction of the internet and its wide range of applications might have made our life easier, productive, and accurate, but it has also opened multiple doors of opportunities for hackers as well. Even after implementing various security measures and new-gen safety tools, the number of cyberattacks are increasing continuously. From ransomware like wanna cry to viruses like I LOVE YOU, the internet is vulnerable in different ways by cyberthieves for tricking businesses and individuals. But do you know that your home wireless network security is also on the target list of hackers?

You will be surprised to know that almost 24.7% of Wi-Fi from all around the world doesn’t use any form of encryption. In addition to this, countries like Korea, France, and even the U.S has the most number of unsecured Wi-Fi points. Most of the families rush through the job of home wireless network set up so that they can get internet connectivity as soon as possible, and such type of approach is understandable. But it also makes your home wireless network vulnerable to various security-related risks. This is why, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the ways of keeping your home wireless network secure and safe.

Never use the default administrator password

After setting up a home wireless network system, you will get a default administrator password from the network provider. In some cases, both the password and the username are mentioned on the modem as well. Many people never change the default administrator password, and that’s how they fall into the trap of hackers. You should know that default administration passwords are very common, and hackers know about them. This is why you should always change the default password after the completion of the Wi-Fi setup process to stay safe and keep your data secure.

Always use wireless network encryption

Encryption is converting the available data over a network into a coded format that can’t be read by an unauthorized user. This common security layer acts as your first line of defense, and it is very active on the internet. All Wi-Fi equipment supports some encryption. From WPA to WPA2, there are several types of Wi-Fi encryption available. You can choose the right encryption for your network based on its availability from your network service provider. All the Wi-Fi devices over a network must be compatible with the type of encryption that you are going to use.

Put your router at the middle of your house

If you think that the location of your router has nothing to do with the security of your network, then you are highly mistaken. If you keep the router at the center of your house, then you will have equal access throughout the home. But in addition to this, you will also confine the reach of your wireless signal outside your home. And if no one will have access to the signal of your Wi-Fi outside your home, then there is no to hack it. This will also keep your network away from the interception of malicious people.

Always turn off the DHCP functionality

If you are looking forward to level up the wireless network security, then you should turn off the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server on your router. The IP addresses of each device on your network are assigned to DHCP. But instead of using the DHCP that makes your network vulnerable, you should always use the static address and enter your network settings. The static address and customized network settings are complicated to breach. So, enter into your device, assign it an IP address, and improve the overall wireless network security.

With hackers turning towards the home wireless networks, it has become essential for every in-house Wi-Fi user to implement various security measures on the network. If a hacker gets control over your home wireless network, then along with the monthly internet usage, you will lose many other important things like data and login access.

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