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How Construction Companies Can Help Fight Air Pollution

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The construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to global air pollution. From drilling to blasting, many activities in this business sector generate pollutants that can harm humans and the environment. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best strategies for construction companies to be more proactive in curbing air pollution. 

  1. Invest in a Fog Cannon 

A fog cannon is one of the essential investments for construction companies. It is crucial for effective dust management. It will create atomized mists, which will saturate dust right at the source, preventing it from causing harm. Most of these cannons are movable, making it easy to direct the mist application depending on the specific source of dust in the construction site. 

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  1. Consider Alternative Materials 

From concrete to mortar, a lot of the construction materials are known for their environmental impacts, especially when it comes to air pollution. Materials like thinners, plastics, and glues can also produce noxious vapors that will contribute to air pollution. One of the best solutions is to use eco-friendly construction materials. It is quite impossible to eliminate 100% of air pollutants in the construction site, but you should consider investing in materials that will generate less danger. This is also a great way to embrace innovation and reduce costs, among other benefits. 

  1. Upgrade Your Equipment

A few equipment upgrades can significantly lessen a construction company’s contribution to air pollution. Equipment using diesel, including vehicles, will emit toxic gases in the air. Diesel engines produce a higher level of particulates, which can offset their cost-efficiency. They will also release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons, among others. 

  1. Install Barriers 

Another easy solution for limiting the negative impacts of air pollution is to install barriers. They will provide physical restrictions by enclosing the space where construction activities take place. Those who are inside the enclosure, however, will not be protected. When installing barriers, make sure that they are high enough and take into account the wind direction as well for maximum effectiveness. 

  1. Provide Personal Protective Equipment 

It is also a must for the construction workers to have appropriate personal protective equipment. There should be strict rules on the site to ensure compliance. Also, provide them with protective wear that will make them feel comfortable when working so that they will not resist. With the proper gear, you can limit the effects of air pollution on their health. Not to mention, this is also important to ensure the compliance of the construction company. 

From using fog cannons to providing personal protective equipment to workers, this article briefly talked about some of the most effective ways to minimize air pollution in construction. These things can promote a safer workplace, improve business image, reduce costs, and boost profitability, all while also being eco-friendly. 

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