General Information on Street Legal Bikes

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Motorcycles can be classified into various types, depending upon the purpose of the use or the designer’s intent, or sometimes a combination of both. The 6 main types which are mainly used are touring, cruiser, sport, standard, dual purpose, and dirt bike. Though there are no standardized systems of classifying all types of motorcycles, there are certain strict classifications by the motorcycle sport sanctioning authorities or the definitions of a motorcycle according to legal jurisdictions for emissions, road traffic rules, motorcycle registrations or motorcyclist licensing.

The street legal bikes

Now, what are street legal bikes? The dual-sports, sometimes known as dual-purpose or on/off motorcycles are also known as street legal machines that are designed to make an entry into the off-road situations. Based on a dirt bike chassis, they have extra lights, signals, mirrors and instruments that make them eligible for public roads. They are also higher than the other street bikes with tall seats, higher center of gravity and a better suspension for traveling on rough grounds.

When it comes to speed, to be street legal, a motorcycle or a moped must have a headlight which will give a clear vision of a vehicle or a person not less than 100 feet ahead, when traveling 25mph or less. This should not be less than 200 feet when having a speed of 25-35 mph and not less than 300 feet when traveling at a speed more than 35 mph. Some other features it should have are:

  • At least one red taillight with a red stop lamp.
  • At least one reflector on the rear.
  • Fenders on all the wheels.
  • A mirror that can provide a highway view for at least 200 ft.
  • A horn that one can hear from a distance of at least 200 feet.
  • A brake that can be operated by foot or hand.
  • A muffler that will not allow the noise of the engine to increase to a level above the originally installed muffler.

When you have decided to invest some money in a street-legal motorcycle for sale, you should take care of the above factors.

If you are interested in converting your existing variant into a street legal dirt bike, there is a complete outline for doing the same. There are plenty of reasons to convert a dirt bike into a 250 cc street legal bicycle or a 125 cc street legal bicycle.


  • The first reason is absolutely economical. To need the riding conditions of a machine which is road legal, it is always a good option other than buying an entirely new bike.
  • The comfort factor is also another good reason. The rider might be happy with the ergonomics, style, and performance of the bike.


Different places have different rules and regulations about the minimum requirements needed for road-going dirt bikes. It is very important to know about the paperwork that needs to be done and knowing the other formalities. Before deciding to convert, it is always necessary to do the basic homework and understand whether the local laws can be conformed to.

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