Empowering Women – A Smart Move For Society

Empowering Women – A Smart Move For Society

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A healthier, stronger, happier, and resilient society is in the interest of everybody. Everyone wants a better educated and peaceful society. 

The idea of how to achieve that is going from better economics, higher status of development up to participation and education. 

Women play an important role, not only because they are a big part of society but also because of their potential. The plea from countless organizations and institutions is to empower women because it also benefits society. 

The Reality

The reality in many countries still looks very alarming. The work of women is undervalued, they are underrepresented in decision-making positions and are facing violence and oppression regularly. In some countries that appear more often than in others because certain countries put more effort into the empowerment of women. Globally, women still earn 23% less than men, are confronted with poverty more often than men, forced into early marriages, denied education, and so on.

The Goal 

The goal or the achievement is gender equality in all sectors. When women have equal rights, adequate salaries, and full inclusion in society with all its rights, society becomes stronger.

Society can develop prosperously because women can reach their full potential. They can strengthen and enrich society with their abilities and skills. Good education and economic independence is a big aspect that benefits the social development of families. 

As women make at least half of society, they have a very big impact when they have equal rights, protection, and opportunities that empower them to reach their full potential and support society to perform better in any way.

The goals are to guarantee full inclusion, dignity, and respect for all as it is written in the human rights declaration, defining to eliminate discrimination, give the rights to own property, voting, and education for women and girls in the same way as for men and boys. Equal opportunities should be ensured.

The Way

The ways of reaching an equal world are various. Numerous options help to strengthen women and girls. 

The fundaments for gender equality lies in awareness as an early intervention. Children growing up with certain values about men and women have the potential to empower the world with their attitude. It means that the change of value and attitude is the priority and can be achieved through partnerships. The cooperation of government, international organizations, individuals, and the private sector is a must because gender equality and a strong society are the responsibility of everybody.

School enrolments for girls should be secured, opportunities should be created so women can get into decision-making positions. 

A big obstacle is the financial status of many women and girls. The first steps towards the economic independence of women and girls are scholarships or sponsorships. Nancy Etz is a great example for taking this kind of intervention to strengthen and empower young girls for a better education.

Various organizations have projects and support options for girls and women. Working together with the government and all sectors is the key to achieve the empowerment of women and girls and strengthening society through that.

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