Elton Hollis

Elton Hollis Transforming RT Technical LLC As A General Manager

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To grow any company, there is a need for a general manager. An experienced manager can reduce operational costs, increase revenue, manage the team effectively, and more. 

The general manager takes the responsibility for almost all the departments to run a company smoothly. From business strategies, marketing campaigns, customer relationships, product manufacture, and more. The general manager is the leading personality.

Many businesses recruit employees to handle different sectors but they usually don’t hire a general manager. In these scenarios, the founder has to make critical decisions and supervise all the day-to-day activities.

This slows the growth process and often lowers the profits of the company, which frequently leads to the failure of the company because of no proper management. That is why it’s crucial to have a general manager in every company that has a bigger vision. 

Meet Elton Hollis, serial entrepreneur and general manager at RT Technical LLC. The company is an industry leader in gas measurement services, specializing in innovative problem-solving abilities and measurement expertise. 

RT Technical LLC provides a wide range of services from custom fabrication, custom electrical and pneumatic panels, infrastructure & environment construction, electric services, field measurement, and more. 

Elton Hollis with RT Technical has successfully constructed numerous modern buildings (using rigid metal panels) that can be used for multiple purposes and has more than 20+ years of lifespan. The business also provides a complete electrical installation solution as per the needs of customers.

As a general manager, Elton coaches the group regularly with proven ideas and provides technological resources to better the teamwork. Based in Texas, he and his crew have been achieving phenomenal success and providing all-inclusive one-stop solutions. The detailed, clever, and smart decision-making skills of Elton have increased the strength and reputation of the company. 
Elton Hollis’s advice “If you’re starting a new business, you may be wondering whether or not you need to hire a general manager. General managers are responsible for running companies and making sure they’re profitable. Having someone like this on your team provides your company with tons of benefits, and it’s something all entrepreneurs should think about when starting their own business.”

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