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Compliance Training in the Digital Age: 6 Strategies to Implement

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To create a strong culture of compliance, businesses need to invest in training. For the highest level of effectiveness, make your compliance training digital. Keep on reading and we’ll talk about some of the best strategies that can help increase the chances of success. 

  1. Find the Right Provider 

One of the most important is to work with the right provider. Choose one that has built a solid reputation with a long list of satisfied clients. Among others, if you are looking for eLearning software that can facilitate compliance training, True Office Learning is one option worth considering. They have custom and off-the-shelf programs. From harassment to corruption, they cover a wide area of compliance depending on your business needs. 

  1. Make It Easy to Digest 

A common problem why participants lose interest in compliance training programs is because they are too long. A good strategy is to deliver instructional materials in short bursts. For instance, True Office Learning can help incorporate microlearning in your compliance training. This way, online materials will be broken down into nuggets of three to five minutes, which will be a lot easier to comprehend. This can improve engagement and retention. 

  1. Advocate Blended Learning 

Sure, online learning is a great way to train your people. It has plenty of benefits, but in some instances, it might be inadequate. For instance, if you have to teach manual processes, such as workers who need to operate equipment, face-to-face training may be better. The best thing to do is to combine online and offline approaches. 

  1. Tailor Training to the Audience 

Designing compliance training programs should begin with the assertion that not all employees are the same. Hence, there should be a thorough assessment of needs and goals. After this, it will be easier to design training that suits the requirements of the participants. This way, training will be more relevant. 

  1. Include Video Content 

A video is one of the most important elements of successful e-learning. This is a great way to make compliance training more engaging. Rather than reading chunks of texts, add video content to entertain the learners. Make sure that the clips are short but informative. If they are too long, they will end up being boring. Consider adding animation and sounds to make the videos more engaging.

  1. Add Interactive Elements 

To make digital compliance training more effective, add interactive elements. The best thing that you can do is incorporate music and images, which will rouse the attention of the participants. Add digital storytelling. Create simulated environments. A good way to do the latter is to incorporate virtual reality in training, which will also make the experience more immersive. 

In sum, to make compliance training more effective in today’s digital age, consider finding the right service provider, making the training easy to digest, and adding interactive elements, among other things. 

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