Commercial flooring – impacting a cities appearance by focusing on the ground

Commercial flooring – impacting a cities appearance by focusing on the ground

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Where do you look when you walk in the streets of a city? Being a tourist we mostly focus on sights, special buildings, shops or events. Even being a resident you would focus on the buildings, and where you want to go, so you don’t crash into other people, cars, or buildings

But, do you look at the floor? The only reason you would look at the floor is when stairs are coming or you are trying to hide from a person you don´t like. And that’s it! 

The human mind does not care about the floor as long as the floor fulfills its requirements and has an average look. Being in public buildings, we only recognize the floor when it is dirty, broken, or slippery. Seeing this, the average person might be pretty judgmental, thinking that the city has financial trouble or a low-quality management

A cities appearance matters

A city has representative responsibilities. The appearance should be in the interest of a city because it impacts the wellbeing and quality of a city. Every city and even villages have public/commercial buildings, parks, and other locations. When they are clean, proper, and put together, people will spend more time in those places because they feel comfortable. The social activities will increase, and the satisfaction and happiness of the inhabitants are guaranteed. On the other side, having trashed parks, buildings that need to be renovated, and construction sides in every corner makes people uncomfortable. It also represents negative city management. It does not mean that every single square meter always has to look luxuriously beautiful but the main places and locations should be tidy, in a good shape and appearance. A cities appearance is for the interest of the inhabitants as well as for guests and the overall reputation.

Commercial flooring 

Commercial flooring differentiates itself from residential flooring as it is majorly used in public buildings. In private houses, the floor does not have to be as strong and resistant as in public places. The liability and strain have to be much higher in commercial buildings because the foot traffic is very heavy. The material is usually thicker and needs to be slip-resistant to prevent any risk of injuries. From Hotels, office foyers, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals, strong and durable flooring is required. Various innovations with new material combinations allow high-quality flooring for commercial places. 

Why it is important

Every city has commercial places that should be attractive and safe for its visitors. Any risk of injuries should be reduced, the material should be adequate, durable, and in a good appearance. As mentioned in the introduction, people usually don’t give much attention to floors until there is a problem with them. To prevent that, high-quality commercial flooring is a must for every city. Lvt flooring (luxury vinyl tile) is a great example of a durable and good-looking option for commercial flooring. 

Choosing the best and most resistant quality material for flooring public or commercial buildings benefits a cities appearance, trust and reputation fundamentally, because people feel comfortable and safe.

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