Avoid demotivating your employees

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Every entrepreneur wants his or her employees to be at their best. They want maximum efficiency and proficiency. To do this, entrepreneurs usually employ several tactics to motivate their employees. Sometimes though, these backfire, and in trying to motivate their employees, they end up demotivating them. How is that? Let us have a look at what things can actually be detrimental to the confidence of your employee.

Lack of one-on-one communication

You do not realize this, but lack of face-to-face communication demotivates your employee. When you are out of reach for your subordinates, and they cannot meet you in person very often, it can be damaging to their confidence. They consider that their boss does not listen to them. This can be unintentional by you, but it is detrimental. Try to take some time out of your schedule and talk with your subordinates.

Unclear job description

There are some businessmen out there who do not define clear roles for their employees. As a result, the employees are confused most of the time. They become demotivated to perform their work at the office. This results in the loss of productivity in the workplace.

Praising specific people more

This is one of the worst signs for your employees. If you praise particular people repeatedly, other people will become demotivated instead of getting better. They will feel useless in the team, and their efficiency will decrease. Praising everyone in the group creates a sense of healthy competition between peers and increases workplace productivity.

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