Adam Clarke Of Macropay On Hiring in Tech

Adam Clarke Of Macropay On Hiring in Tech

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Adam Clarke of Macropay believes that working in the tech space is a dream career path for many. As developments within the industry have shocked the world many times, many have made the jump working from more traditional businesses into the tech industry.

From venturing into space to coming up with innovative ways to make payment easier and more accessible to people, the tech industry holds many exciting challenges for those who wish to enter it. However, not everyone knows how to get ahead of the competition and make themselves more attractive applicants to tech companies.

With years of experience working in the tech space, Adam Clarke, the CEO, and Founder of Macropay, has shared some of his insights on what makes tech applicants more attractive to teams that operate within the space.

Authenticity is a Key Factor

There is a popular English saying called “fake it till you make it,” implying that it’s possible to pretend and eventually be successful. However, this approach will not work in the tech space. Most human resources personnel and executives within the space are very experienced and are able to determine truth from lies. Often, tech recruiters know what they are looking for.

The importance of authenticity

Because of this, being authentic holds very high importance when trying to get into tech companies. According to Adam Clarke, companies are “looking for individuals who exhibit authenticity.” Chances are, if you’re a good fit for the job, then you will be able to get the job if you are truthful about your qualifications, capabilities, and skills.

Passion in the Tech Space

Working in tech will never be easy. However, just as it poses challenges to those who want to venture into the industry, the tech space can also be very rewarding. According to Adam Clarke of Macropay, “it’s important for candidates to be passionate in tech.” By being passionate about technology and creating tech during the interview, your chances of convincing hiring managers get much higher.

“Passion shows that you are dedicated to seeing a project through,” says Clarke. If you’re truly passionate about the tech niche that you’re applying for, you will be able to go through interviews with more ease.

Communication Skills

Tech team members often collaborate with each other. Even remote roles highlight the importance of proper communication. This is because being on the same page can help a team achieve its goals and objectives. “With proper communication skills, issues can be solved with great ideas,” says Adam Clarke. This is why tech applicants must also practice their communication skills apart from the skill sets necessary for the job. Articulating the complexity of technology in easy-to-understand terms is indeed a sought-after skill for any tech hire.

If you have great communication skills, you will also be able to properly describe your experience and capabilities to hiring managers and company executives during your interviews. Because of this, Clarke recommends that tech applicants practice their communication skills to prepare for their entry into the tech space.


There is great demand for tech-savvy individuals, especially the coders and developers. In this increasingly digital world, people who can speak the language of machines and computers are needed to share their talents to the world.For hiring opportunities with Macropay, visit their site here.

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